This game shouldn't even be called Halo.

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User Info: megax11

5 years ago#1
They finished that storyline. Halo's are all destroyed, so why keep the name, even though it's a household name now?

They should start this new series, with a new name.


That's what I think it should be called. The sequels, of course, would be Forerunner 2 and Forerunner 3.

I do hope the UNSC comes back, though. I wish they would find MC.It just wouldn't be the same without Johnson in there.
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User Info: tallman34

5 years ago#2
Ummm, Johnson's dead.

User Info: devil mingy

devil mingy
5 years ago#3
You answered your own question.

User Info: MrSty

5 years ago#4
One Halo is destroyed.
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User Info: EmperorLinkX

5 years ago#5
humanity "first" came into contact with the forerunners through the halos. the convenant's main reason for existance were the halos. the halos killed all life in the galaxy, nearly did it twice. the halos "saved" all life in the galaxy twice.
right now, the halos are the most important and powerful creations in existance.
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User Info: _Sawyer

5 years ago#6

From: devil mingy
You answered your own question.

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User Info: SpiduxUnlimited

5 years ago#7
Only installation's 04 and 00 are destroyed (Alpha Halo and The Ark), and the trilogy is going to have story arcs that are in the new Forerunner books *SPOILZ SPOILZ SPOILZ* which feature Installation 03 in some way or another.
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User Info: Enderiv4

5 years ago#8
MrSty posted...
One Halo is destroyed.

technically two halos got destroyed. The half finished one on the ark destroyed itself when it fired.
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User Info: logans_run_82

5 years ago#9
tallman34 posted...
Ummm, Johnson's dead.

Did the OP say otherwise? >_>

edit: Actually you can say he did but... I don't think that's what he meant.

"It just wouldn't be the same without johnson" I thought was kind of acknowledging the fact that he's dead. Although you can read it as if he means "They should keep the USMC in the game because it wouldn't be the same without johnson"

Either way, though, Johnson is dead. And on a random note here: when I first played Halo 1 when I was 8 years old, I actually preferred this other sergeant in the game (That one white guy, if you remember) But he never got popular.
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User Info: Kactusman

5 years ago#10
^ Sgt. Pete Stacker?
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