reach was my least favourite campaign

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User Info: gutsallover

5 years ago#11

Reach was my least favorite as well. I can't quite rate the games (beyond Reach being the worst) but here are my opinions on each:


Halo: CE. Great story and atmosphere. Really drew me into the series. Great gameplay for the time as well.

Halo 2: Did wonders for the story, really broadened the picture by bringing the Covenant in. I know a lot of people hate the campaign (wishing for something more like the Halo 2 E3 demo, but trust me, that wouldn't have been good, as it was entirely scripted), but I found it really enjoyable. I just wish they hadn't cut out Forerunner Tank. Loved the cliffhanger ending as well, but I'm a fan of book series and such, so cliffhangers don't really bother me.

Halo 3: Weak start with the strongest finish in the series. I didn't really care for the first four levels, but once the Flood showed up everything started getting good. The Covenant is my favorite level in the series.

ODST: A nice "drop" (excuse the pun) into the life of a soldier in the Halo universe. While the story really didn't much matter, the gameplay was crisp (little different than 3), and the atmosphere was stellar. THIS is what I wanted to see New Mombasa look like in Halo 2.

Reach: Not that sure why it didn't resonate with me. I guess I didn't really care for the Spartan-IIIs, and the atmosphere of the game was really nothing special.

User Info: SergioMach5

5 years ago#12
I enjoyed all the campaigns for different reasons, Reach included. Halo 2 is probably my least favourite, mainly from its failure to wrap up into a solid ending in the same way as Halo did (obvious end with the Halo explosion Vs the 'finish the fight' set up for halo 3).

I enjoyed Reach's campaign because it could stand alone, unlike Halo 3 for example, which needed prior halo knowledge to be seen at its best. It had a solid start to end feel, and while it lacked the scope of the earlier games, it worked from a ground level of 6 spartans against impossible odds.
I wish it had the same sense of gradual failing that Halo 1 had with less and less marines, or that the planets destruction was more prominent (apart from the start of the second last mission the planet really does not look as destroyed by any means as it was promising).

Still, Halo 2 is my least favourite, Reach would be my second favourite after the original.
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User Info: SephirothIsKing

5 years ago#13

I thought the campaign to Reach was really good.  Imo it may have been my favorite FPS campaign in a game since Halo CE (I've never played HL2).

If I were to rank them campaign wise I'd go CE > Reach > 3 > 2.

User Info: KarpWhip

5 years ago#14
Halo 1 - This is will probably always be my favorite campaign. The only real flaw is that the levels were recycled in the second half. But they were so epic and well designed, I don't see it as a big problem.

Halo 2 - Eh. I thought it was good when it came out. Over time as I've replayed all the Halos over and over, it's definitely the weakest campaign by far. It isn't bad in and of itself. Just extremely unpolished and sloppy compared to the others.

Halo 3 - Taken as a whole, it's not as great as the Halo 1 campaign. But it does have some great and amazing stuff. The levels that take place after leaving Earth of pure gold.

ODST - I like it for what it is; a quick & dirty side project.

Reach - I'll never understand the hate for this game. For one thing, I couldn't give less of a s*** about multiplayer unless I was dead. People who are obsessed w/ MP remind of high school jocks. The campaign is incredible. Very fresh compared to the others. Second only to Halo 1.

User Info: royic

5 years ago#15
Halo 1 - Just replayed it and I still love it.

Halo 2- Never liked it that much.

Halo 3- Liked it about the same as 2.

ODST- Was very fun. Can't really compare it to the others, but i liked it less than CE and Reach but more than 3 and 2.

Reach- Felt much more solid to me. Liked it as much as CE
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User Info: YoungSinatra25

5 years ago#16

Halo is very lackluster this  entire gen when comparing it to it's direct competiton. Hell I'd rather play Killzones MP then Halo. 

Reach was not the sum of all it's part, thats the best way to describe it.
H:CE is still a blast. H2 only had a good MP, which they killed. H3 was just bland. ODST great stroy and characters but the worst everything else. Reach...well I already said. (loved firefight and the armory and nothing more)  

Halo4 atmosphere/world needs to feel alien and immerse me. Plus bring back boss battles and add a bunch of things just for campaign. Like being able to pick up and toss Grunts. Manually rotate the cannon on an enemy vehicle to attack enemies while the driver is still alive. Um... more intricate melee. Just more gameplay and more variety overall...
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User Info: Halo_Forever

5 years ago#17
YoungSinatra25 posted...
Plus bring back boss battles and add a bunch of things just for campaign. .

Why on Earth or on any other planet would you want the bosses back, they are the only reason why Halo 2's campaign is inferior to the rest. If you want bosses in Halo give me a large group of enemies or a particular gold elite (ala Reach), no BS like a Brute being able to eat 1000+ bullets.
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User Info: NotoriousLynx88

5 years ago#18
They should go with a more Metroid Reach style of level design and environment - the whole system in that game basically revolves around Samus' isolation - it'd be great for halo, imo.

User Info: Skyguard117

5 years ago#19
Halo Combat Evolved actually had my least favorite campaign. Not only is it the least fun in the series, but halfway through the campaign, it gets monotonous. Despite on what I have mentioned, the campaign is still great.

Halo 2 had a better campaign in my opinion. It is more fast paced and is more fun.

Halo 3 had an even better campaign. More epic than the previous two and seriously enjoyed it.

ODST's campaign is not as good as Halo 3's, but is better than the first two Halo campaign. I like the fact that you can decide on which missions to go first.

Reach had my favorite campaign. The environments were better and had bigger battlefields. This is the most fun campaign in my opinion.
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