HALO: The Fallen (Prologue) // Fan Film

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User Info: Xerxes_Sangco

5 years ago#1

Please consider checking out my Halo fan film.


Hope you enjoy it!

User Info: Plasmarrow

5 years ago#2
Wow, that was well made. Good job! =)
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User Info: Xerxes_Sangco

5 years ago#3
Thank you!

User Info: KnickKnack12

5 years ago#4
Gotta say, up until the Covies showed up, it looked like the real deal. (Cardboard ARs aside.) The Pelican landing in the background in the background gave me chills. The minimalist approach really raised the tension.

Now for the criticism. I'm sorry to say that the moment I saw the Covenant, I lost my immersion. The CGI (while admittedly amazing for your budget) didn't sell me. They stuck out from the scenery and the movements just didn't look natural. (The Jackal looked decent.) Then we got to the combat scene. The violence was fake and over the top, and the constant deluge of F-bombs was unnecessary and unprofessional. I understand that heavy language is expected in such a situation, but when the dialogue consists purely of '****ing **** that mother****er! **** him!' it gets a little silly.

That said, I see quite a large degree of potential in your project. As noted before, I was completely hooked up until the Covenant showed up; and I felt that the nod towards the Halo 3 'Believe' videos was a nice touch. If you wish to speak more about your project, and to discuss the other pro and cons of it, I would be happy to oblige. :)

User Info: Twinmold

5 years ago#5
Using the game's models for the animation was a bad idea. The low poly count was brutal.

User Info: OMGitsnano

5 years ago#6

That's pretty well done man!

User Info: ProudenceZ

5 years ago#7
Honestly, it was great. I didn't think the Covenant stuck out too much. My only complaints are about the over-the-top violence (especially the head exploding), as it wasn't really necessary, same for the cursing. The rest looked really good.

User Info: Z__UNiT

5 years ago#8
You guys are treating this fan made film like an actual trailer for the game
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User Info: gpr777

5 years ago#9
Nice :)

User Info: appleturnover87

5 years ago#10
Z__UNiT posted...
You guys are treating this fan made film like an actual trailer for the game

This.There were obvious flaws but what do you expect from an independent video obviously on a tight budget? I would love to see something like this done with a huge budget.
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