a story to red Spartans and blue Spartans?

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User Info: zacho_666

5 years ago#1
343 said they would create a story that explains why red Spartans and Blue Spartans are fighting, is it going to be like some sort of side mission (I.E. like RAAM'S shadow from gears 3?) or like some call of duty spec ops mode??

User Info: archangel242

5 years ago#2
it could have something to do with the human civil war between the UNSC and the insurrectionists from the halo books series

maybe one of the teams (red or blue) are not actually spartans but insurrectionists with the bone and muscle enhancements and the insurrectionists found some way of making their own power suits.
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User Info: metroidman92

5 years ago#3
Well you see, the reds set up a base over there, so the blues set up a base over here...
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  3. a story to red Spartans and blue Spartans?

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