firefight was always boring instead

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User Info: Xfma100

5 years ago#11
Hazmat963 posted...
Or they should bring back firefight from ODST, which was actually exciting.


Also, I found ODST's firefight maps to be better than Reach's.

I mean, some of my most memorable Firefight memories from ODST was trying to take down Brute Chieftans (Everyone tries surronding one so someone else could hit it from the back.), and on one map (I cannont remember the name, but I think it was an ONI building that had elevators? [The elevators didn't work of course.] It was a very square map IIRC.) anyways, you would pick up the Brute Chieftan's hammer and use it to move crates/boxes to block some of the entraces, making it harder for enemies to get in.

I think one of the big problesm with Reach was that it didn't have a Firefight playlist that played like ODST Firefight with 4 people and limited lives IIRC.

User Info: alkahsu

5 years ago#12
ODST also had limited ammo at the weapon racks so there was a sense of panic when you were getting low on ammo. On Reach you can go to the ammo rack as much as you want and fully reload.
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