R.I.P. Halo

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User Info: darksolgamer

5 years ago#1

Goodnight sweet prince
"I'm gonna pay him a...what do you call it? A beating! Yeah, I'm gonna pay him a beating!"

User Info: GotThat415Swag

5 years ago#2
TrentoMento - GT

User Info: warior55

5 years ago#3
*a moment of silence*
Wont change this sig until Mirrors Edge gets a sequel.
Started 7/27/11.

User Info: K_MAC445

5 years ago#4
Shut up with these topics. I guarantee you will still buy it and you will still love it. And if you don't then thats just one more complainer out of the community. Score.

User Info: ripin12

5 years ago#5
There has been good news on some of the talked about changes

User Info: plincoln21

5 years ago#6
guess it's time for you to move along then, the CoD is always looking for new sheep to bring into the fold
Talk to me Goose!

User Info: SnakeEyes170

5 years ago#7
halo died to me after the original xbox xbl servers went down

User Info: 0pt1muzPr1m3

5 years ago#8
I doubt this game won't be worse than Reach. And I still play Reach.
Twenty-three is number one!

User Info: Druff

5 years ago#9
Fanboys having a complete histrionic meltdown over the latest game in a mega-successful/mega-popular franchise? Golly, how odd.
Caution - You are approaching the periphery shield of Vortex Four

User Info: coldisgood

5 years ago#10
It died with reach but I'm hoping halo 4 will, with whatever changes it brings, at least do them well and be a good game. Maybe it'll will even considered a good halo game (one can hope)
M'Aiq knows that there are no babies, instead, the mother must deliever a five foot Imperial. -Sinroth
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