'Controversy' Explained - GameInformer May '12 Issue Details

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User Info: MC_Brian1

5 years ago#31
I think Forerunner vision will be like Detective Mode in the Batman games, or the goggles in Splinter Cell Conviction, but with a much smaller range.
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User Info: kamenc

5 years ago#32
This new info makes it seem better. Still disappointing armor abilities r back but maybe 343 will tweak them. It seems game informer could have elaborated a but more to reduce some panic, though some of this is ridiculous.

The omg Halo of duty stuff is laughable. How is this close? Custom load outs? Sure if it has changing scopes, red dot sights, aim down sights, and noob tubes on BRs then it'd be call of halo. I doubt that. Its just picking starting guns how is that bad? ( as long as no power weapons r included) it'll stop frustration when people keep picking team slayer over BRs/ dmrs cause they are bad. 343 has said these "perks" r not like cod so calm down and wait abd see. Sprint was bound to happen, it's a staple in pretty much every fps. Idhave like increased movement speed but oh well.

Wait until we see this stuff in action before crying it's dead or become cod. I know it seems halo is having an identity crisis but let's nit be so quick to label it something it's not (cod). Whether it's an improvement from reach or a damnation of the series is yet to be seen. Also an aside thank god firefight is gone. I loved it in odst but it was a borefest in reach where little kids who felt bad went to boost cp ( and pointless ranks) to make themselves feel better.
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User Info: SpiduxUnlimited

5 years ago#33
Not only do the changes irritate me (God I hope the spawn issue is ONLY for that play list and not anywhere else involved) it irritates me that the controls are going to be changed again. It may not sound like much, but now there is a button dedicated to sprinting, which means it has to double up with something (action button?) or take something over and make it double up with something else. Or it may involve remapping most of the buttons. Kind of trivial I know, but I run the Boxer set up and going from h2 to h3 to Reach was really annoying, and Reach has the best set up for Boxer style. I was hoping that was going to stay, of all things.
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