only disapointments

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User Info: deimos91

5 years ago#1
are no elite slayer or firefight
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User Info: happypor100pre

5 years ago#2

User Info: Tinythegiant

5 years ago#3

I will miss elite slayer. It sucks that no one ever wants to play it in reach. They should have made it a playlist 

User Info: Andarist

5 years ago#4
those are 2 things I've played maybe 4 times.
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User Info: alkahsu

5 years ago#5
Elite slayer sucks, it's nothing but noob combo and stickies.
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User Info: happypor100pre

5 years ago#6
in my experience i rarely ever saw the noob combo and grenade spamming aint something thats exclusive to elite slayer.

User Info: spamhair

5 years ago#7
Elite slayer isn't any fun at all to me. You spawn, hear a slurp noise, dead. You spawn, see someone, shoot at them, hear a slurpy noise, dead. You spawn, see someone, throw a sticky grenade, miss by a foot, hear a slurpy noise, ragequit...

: )
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User Info: bd0g5

5 years ago#8
Elite slayer is terrible, firefight wasn't that fun
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