Random weapon spawns is a good idea

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User Info: PraetorianGhost

5 years ago#1
Now, before you go "OMGWTFBBQ u suck noob go back to CoD/BF/whatever cesspit you crawled out of," atleast understand my reasoning.

The idea of set weapon spawns is a good one and encourages strategy and map control ONLY if the teams have even skill levels and are actively communicating. However, if a team of four players in a party go up against say, one guy on an equal skill level as the team, one person who lacks the ability to think for himself, and an average player with a guest that could either be a Halo god or the biggest noob in the world.

The game starts, and the better player on the random team goes for the power weapon tucked away in the corner of the map, but two enemies in the party team get there at the same time. The noob on the team is jumping in circles, while the average guy with his guest go find a nice spot to open up a bag of marshmallows and camp. Suddenly, the party team has control of all the power weapons, and just trap the randoms in a corner of the map and simply pick them off whenever they have the audacity to spawn in the presense of a good halo team.

The random weapon spawns make this situation a little harder to come by, as good players on bad teams would now stand somewhat of a chance to atleast do something. Just my opinion, but take it as you will.
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User Info: happypor100pre

5 years ago#2
i agree.

User Info: Tinythegiant

5 years ago#3

I agree but only in normal slay. I thi k that classic should still have set weapons as well as big team.

User Info: GrimHero

5 years ago#4
You know MLG is going to have static weapon placement on timers. There isn't a question about that. I think people are crying because they don't want "random luck" to ruin their mighty title of pubstar. Besides that, Frankie already mentioned that there will be tells of when and where it will drop, so you can plan your movements around that.

Personally, I think it is a great idea. If you still know when and where it will drop, but it moves to different parts of the map, there won't be one strategy for the map. Instead, there will be 3 or 4 strategies for the map based on a, b, or c drop pattern. The strategies involved and the transition between them could really separate good teams from great teams. Could potentially add a lot to competitive play.
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User Info: jester48

5 years ago#5
And what do you think will happen in the same situation without power weapons?
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User Info: Kamickas

5 years ago#6
As long as the weapons appear on map in a cinematic fashion, like the weapon drops from reach's firefight, then i'm okay with it. If they just quietly appear, then no...that's stupid .-.

User Info: BigCatFive

5 years ago#7
I think it will be similar to invasion slayer power weapons, minus the hill aspect. The location will be random, but not a secret. I think it will be like a light to flies. Bad people will run in, pause to swap wea...BOOM nades from every direction
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