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User Info: Andarist

5 years ago#11

Level 50 Team Snipers whenever I can.
a Perfect Rake
tier 1: andarist | tier 3: mephy, trav | tier 5: bale. - Vizeroth

User Info: jester48

5 years ago#12
XBL GT: Jester was good

User Info: yanksfan4247

5 years ago#13
Nope I play Reach for my Halo fix but I've honestly been playing Gears 3 practically everyday.

User Info: R4PIDA55AULT

5 years ago#14
StarcraftTerran posted...
halo 4 will suck.

it's basically halo reach 2

Is that so? Have you played Halo 4? I didnt know it was out yet. How can you say something will suck if you havent played it yet.
Welcome to the fifth mark
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