new info about random weapon drops/spawns ect

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User Info: appleturnover87

5 years ago#11
It's funny but also really sad and frustrating hearing these guys who are basically in charge of making the game talk and accidentally let their noob show. It's like they say "Guys it's still Halo don't worry" and are trying to ease the minds of competitive fans, and then two of them go on a tangent about how they instantly rush in battles as soon as they spawn and enter encounters they know they won't win "for fun." That certainly doesn't make me feel better. And they blatantly contradicted themselves in regards to the claim of trying to make encounters based on skill and not experience. They spend five minutes discussing how they wanted power weapon spawns to be fair and then later the lead multiplayer director talks about how armor abilities are very much like a game of "rock paper scissors." ...Really dude? Is that a joke?

It's so hard to have faith in these guys when they make it apparent that they have trouble grasping the concept of what makes a game competitive and what takes away from it being competitive.
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User Info: RedheadedPants

5 years ago#12
Weapons fall from the sky so they cant spawn under map geometry
Some spawn points that wouldnt be available:
Narrows rocket and sniper
Anything on the pit
Anything inside foundry
Anything inside midship
Guardian mauler/hammer and shotgun and default snipe

Ok I could go on
Does this mean maps are to be designed with open dropable areas?

I heard the mp story was VR training so hopefully the drop pods can pass through geometry
Although with 343i emulating so many of CODs features I imagine they will work like auto set position care packages

Not really looking forward to these changes on core gameplay mechanics
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  3. new info about random weapon drops/spawns ect

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