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User Info: ladyRPGLover

5 years ago#1
i joke both game are nice fps
waiting for some Rpg too come here :)
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User Info: ViciousCow

5 years ago#2
this is an especially neat one

User Info: darksolgamer

5 years ago#3
What ever happened to Medal of Honor?
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User Info: Doukouscar

5 years ago#4
darksolgamer posted...
What ever happened to Medal of Honor?

The last MoH was terrible from what i heard.
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User Info: Kurkleton1337

5 years ago#5
Everyone says the MoH 2010's multiplayer was pretty mediocre, but most people I've talked to really liked the campaign.

User Info: chunky2336

5 years ago#6
campaign for MOH was short, sometimes buggy and dull. But the emotional connection with the characters and when the action happens really grabs you. i really enjoyed Campaign

The MP was done by Dice and i think it was just a super pre-alpha of BF3 without vehicles except for one! and killstreaks.

i say rent it for the story and decide for yourself. As for the MP...i say pass There are too many choke points that will get you killed just by poking your toe out of cover.
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User Info: SniperKill101

5 years ago#7
Warfighter seems to be a step up from what MOH 2010 was.
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
5 years ago#8
The last MoH was terrible from what i heard.

I rented it just to try the SP and the campaign was really good. Unless you're talking about MP, which I never tried. something new

User Info: thermopylae

5 years ago#9
ive always liked mohs and halos campains.
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