Ladies Please... Stop the hate!

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User Info: _Sawyer

5 years ago#31
He's just being himself.
Teh Real Dejkha
"I don't know why everyone is on your side but when I see and ass i point them out. And you friend, is a big ass" - Rizz02125 to me

User Info: Decree117

5 years ago#32
Lithikins posted...
I remember being 14.

haha very true

User Info: Arnox

5 years ago#33
lderivedx posted...
Arnox please stop.

I wish you would. :P

User Info: Doukouscar

5 years ago#34
Don't read this sig.

User Info: Blooddove

5 years ago#35
TC, I guess you hate females, why else would you use ladies as a lame attempt to imply some short of insult, when referring to guys, so sad.
True genius is simplicity at its core.

User Info: Tanksblaze01

5 years ago#36
I actually thought he was talkin to females and also thought he was sexist lol real talk
Girls dont T-Bag they Lip Smack!!! XBL: TanksBlaze01 PSN: TanksBlaze
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