will this game suck like Halo reach?

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User Info: Halo_Forever

4 years ago#61
A_Cornered_Fox posted...
fiasco86 posted...
What about it left you unsatisfied?

Firstly the way Reach fell. Reach has always been pushed as the center of the UNSC's military strength, and yet the planet was held hostage by a SINGLE Covenant Super Carrier? Furthermore, the war has been waging for what, 20+ years? (can't be assed to look it up at the moment) The idea that the UNSC hasn't found a way to counter Covenant space stealth is near moronic to me.

This part annoys me especially as Eric Nylund's Fall of Reach painted the picture of a desperate and gritty planet wide genocide.
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User Info: ZIONel44

4 years ago#62
i enjoyed reach quite a bit. it was just a over all fun game with a beefy online.
and the fact that the online was actually good.
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User Info: Kcrone1988

4 years ago#63
I thought Reach was quite good as someone else said I also spent many hours playing this, probably not as much time as H3 though.

I also agree the CE:A sucked hard. Was very disappointed and never made it all the way through the campaign. Was disappointed as I loved CE.

I hope this game will do the Halo series a justice, I will complete the campaign and depending on MP will either play lots or little, there are more things then MP which make a game good.
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