The Season Pass is only 15% Off.

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User Info: Obtik

5 years ago#1
Is this the lowest percentage a season pass has offered since the "Season Pass" fad began?

The problem is, people will still buy it, because they figure "well, it's still cheaper, and I'm going to want all the DLC anyway." However, that just encourages these sleezy deals. Who's going to commit to wanting those packs a few months from now for just a measly few points off?

Surely the first time any of this DLC goes on sale it'll be significantly more than 15% off. That just means they won't put any of the DLC on sale until it's all worthless.

The Season Pack also includes very little it seems. Anyone else foresee a bunch of other tacked on stuff coming out for us to buy later? Season Pass 2?
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User Info: Brandy1977

5 years ago#2
The extra helmets is what will sell the season pass on this,not the discount.

User Info: toyrazeck13

5 years ago#3
When it comes to these types of passes for the DLC I don't think its just the discount that convinces people to buy it, its also the prospect of a one time purchase and only having to download the maps instead of going out and buying the code.
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User Info: EchoX860

5 years ago#4
Hey look, this topic again
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User Info: Obtik

5 years ago#5
EchoX860, show me three other threads with this exact same topic or get out.
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User Info: MrFish86

5 years ago#6
9 maps isn't much? 3 maps per map pack is very standard now, and so is the $10/ map pack pricing. I will easily take the $5 off along with the two helmets and one emblem. It's really not a bad deal. The only map pack that I can remember that had more than three maps was the anniversary map pack, and that was due to the 10th anniversary of Halo, so I assume they wanted to give back more to the players than they would receive. Maybe if the rumored Halo 2 HD remake is true, they'll have a bigger map pack, but honestly 9 maps, two helmets, and an emblem for $25 isn't really bad. It's not cheap, it's not expensive, it's just a standard price. No biggie in my eyes.

User Info: Eagles931

5 years ago#7
well, it's still cheaper, and I'm going to want all the DLC anyway.
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User Info: HighVoltage87

5 years ago#8
How exactly is it a scam? Halo map packs for 3 maps have costed $10 in the past. These map packs will also cost that. With the discount, they will be more like $8.50 a pack. Not a huge discount, but a discount nonetheless. And you get 2 helmets. And generally with these season passes, they stick around even after all the DLC is out. So, you can get a look at the content before buying.
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User Info: Obtik

5 years ago#9
That's true MrFish, Eagles, and HighVoltage.

I didn't say it was a scam, I was just a bit surprised as such a low discount. Most other season passes are 33% off. Obviously 33% off this season pass would bring it down to 1600 points, but being that it's only 2400 to begin with, obviously they won't allow such a discount.
Using the power of foresight, that means we're PROBABLY going to get more DLC, either as stand alone, or another season pass. Now, the only problem with this is that you have to understand that these publishers don't leave anything to guesswork. If there's going to be more DLC, it's already detailed. This means they chose not to include it in the season pass intentionally, but why? Was it so they could offer such a low discount, and then put out more content without any discount?

^^ All of that is based purely on speculation, and doesn't mean much, it's more just what I hope doesn't happen.

I think the problem with this Season Pass is that I don't feel like I'm getting a deal. If you catch even one sale you've made up for not buying the pass, and if you buy it you're committing to wanting to play that game months down the road. I don't mind doing that for games like Halo, but I wish at least I could do it with the confidence of knowing that it was worth it, and that even if I'm NOT playing the game then, well I still got a decent discount on all the DLC so even if sales happen in the meantime it doesn't matter, I still got it at a good price.
With a grand total of $1.66 off per pack, I'm not in a rush to buy it.
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User Info: builder111

5 years ago#10
i was thinking about this last night, and what can you do? they are going to keep charging $100/game as long as enough people keep paying for it.

i'm guessing the new DLC pricing +add-ons does turn off some gamers. there are certainly games i have passed on because I did not feel like it was worth it when considering all the add-ons. and yes I am one who feels if I am not getting ALL the content (at least the good stuff) I am not getting a COMPLETE game. thankfully we still have used discs which I am doubtful for next gen.

Now a game like halo 4 this is all expected because it's such a big seller, but some game companies are out of their mind.
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