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User Info: iRGush

5 years ago#1
Everything written below is from a good buddy of mine from TheHaloCouncil named Doju and all credits go to him.

Right, folks, its MLG Dallas this weekend. After all the build up, Halo 4 is here. If you love or hate MLG, there's no reason to not tune in for the weekend, and see the very best Halo 4 to date by a huge margin.

This thread will be the primary thread for discussion before, during, and after the event. Please play nice, try not to turn it into a MLG hating thread. The thread for MLG Columbus was a huge success, oVER 35 pages of discussion.

Never watched an MLG event before? Heard bad thing about it? Check the 3rd post out to help educate yourself and watch some great videos from over the years, and help support the highest standard of Halo!


-MLG Bravo (Well known figure around here, and former MLG coach)
-Elamite Warrior (Former national champion, player who grossed the most amount of money out of ANY player during Halo 3)
-Cameo from the voice of MLG, Chris Puckety

The event lasts 3 days, starting Friday at 5pm EST. Miss any of the action? The stream will have a DVR function, so you can rewind back to any point of the weekend! (Good for Europe/Aussies)

Friday, November 2nd (All times EST)

5:00PM - 5:15PM :: Event Welcome
5:15PM - 5:30PM :: Dr Pepper Pregame Show - Halo 4
5:30PM - 6:00PM :: Free for All - Showcasing new Weapons in Halo 4, and player interviews
6:00PM - 6:25PM :: Free for All - Round 1 - Pros invited for FFA on the new settings.
6:25PM - 6:45PM :: Free for All - Round 1
6:45PM - 7:00PM :: Free for All Final
7:00PM - 8:00PM :: MLG Classic Rematch* - 2009 Str8 Rippin vs 2009 Triggers Down - The biggest rivalry of Halo 3 in 2008/9, relive it in Halo 4.
8:00PM - 9:00PM :: MLG Classic Rematch* - TBD vs TBD - Rumoured to be the Ogres teaming up, the undefeated duo of Halo CE
9:00PM - 10:00PM :: Fun with new Gametypes (Rumoured to be Fiesta)
10:00PM - 11:00PM :: Saturday Preview - MLG game variants featuring two top teams

* To be confirmed.

Saturday, November 3rd

10:00AM - 10:15AM :: Dr Pepper Pregame Show
10:15AM - 1:15PM :: Winners Bracket Round 1
1:45PM - 4:00PM :: Winners Bracket Round 2
4:00PM - 7:00PM :: Winners Bracket Round 3
7:45PM - 10:45PM :: Winners Bracket Round 4

Sunday, November 4th

10:45AM - 11:00AM :: Dr Pepper Pregame Show
11:00AM - 11:45AM :: Winners Bracket Round 5
11:45AM - 1:15PM :: Winners Bracket Round 6
1:15PM - 2:45PM :: Winners Bracket Round 7
3:15PM - 4:00PM :: Winners Bracket Final
4:00PM - 4:45PM :: Losers Bracket Round 13
4:45PM - 5:30PM :: Losers Bracket Finals
5:30PM - 7:45PM :: MLG Fall Championship Halo 4 Final

No reason to not tune in if you are a Halo fan! Support the stream, and we will see more events in 2013! Got any questions? Please just ask? New to MLG? Ask anything you want, this thread will be supported by the whole community who will be happy to answer any questions

2nd post - team line ups
3rd post - Introduction to players new/unsure of MLG.
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
GT: iRGush

User Info: iRGush

5 years ago#2
The Squads

Status Quo - Enable, Flamesword, Snakebite, Royal2
Instinct - Roy, Lunchbox, Pistola, OGRE2
Believe the Hype - Cloud, Maniac, Lethul, Assault
Capital Punishment - Twylight, Mikwen, ?, ?
Name ??? - Ace, Dersky, Destin, Reliable
Warriors – Legit, Ninja, Ryanoob, Goofy
Ambush- Formal, Heinz, APG, Snipedown
FnaticRC – Chig, ProtoType, Russo, Str8Sick
Triggers Down - Hysteria, Elumnite, Naded, Neighbor
No Name – Twin Savior, Gor3, Playajoe, Prettyboy
Legendary – Sargoth, Devon, Bestman, Coby
Mighty Ducks – Triii, Revamp, Mario, HunterJjx
Victorious - Hoaxer, Reaction, Calm Mentality, Kampy
No Name - Kaiss, HoTaX, Nate, Moe
Western Wolves – buk20, buk57, Fragby, JC
Severance – Phaint, Keke, [Gabriel], Monix
VG Stay Dreaming - Adrenaline, ScarJordan, Minority, The Only Toxic
sLu- Ghetto, Zoo Wuu, Thrust, Jordan
Reality Check - Hero, SK, Suddoth2, Suddoth1
No Name - Th3Downfall, BK Ronin, BK Phamous and SniipeHaven
vVv Ability - PappaCat, Xploits, Expozur, and FragThat
DarkSide- Invert, Logic, Marshy, Haji
vVv Ability- Expozur, Xploits, PappaCat, Fragthat
OpTic Gaming - Saint, Nadeshot, Scump, Merk
Aftermath - Simsbad, SixSon, Puhleez, Bovice
No Name - OreoDrinker, Automatic, Arsyyn, Shamunt
TIC Adaptive — NADE, Ruin, Fluid, Slay3RS
FLYERS - Commonly, lifee alert, iDoug, Wolfmayne
Deadicated - Merkchant, Overone, Apple Joose, Jeffy Da Bear.
SECTOR 7 - Yamigaruza, StrongCat, Bigdawg, Simply Force
Five for Fighting - TnA Philosopher, Str8 Aggression, xTrusst, Meth0dized
Xpheria - MURPHINATOR, Txrque, Praxity, iiRandomossity
Visceral- Insani7y, Z intensity, Frownsy, WA FeaReD
Pimps Don't Cry- Valen, SpindlyMike, Carefree Cito, Jspgameboy
No Name - Giggle Monster, ES1X, Pandrawr, Masta Fonzo
No Name - Swift Kill, Zildjian, Windy, TweaK
Ladies and Gentlemen: LEGION, Chrissyon aHype, Onyyy, Bloodshot
Classic - Soldier187, Ant, Legend, ?
Dont Blink - Tragedy, Crazed, Exclusive, ?
The Explorers - IrEgption, Fearist, Sickotic, Nocside
Late Night Fappers - Slippin, Chris Vip3, Psyril, Kmander
OPTIMUS- Rob The Turtle, SSacrifice, Fraimanator, Mike Triggs
Florida Jackalopes-Eleven, Xambler, Broly, Wig Splitter
Above the Average- Jayhawk, Crash, Resident, TJep
Teenage Dream- Yeabo0i, Mizerk, Logikal, Ryox
apeX Power - Fuzion, MVP, Riotz, BlackJack
Western Wolves - BUK20, BUK57, FRAGBY, JC
Bad GurLz - Platinum, Tri, Neeks, Faultline
No Name - The1ThatThinks, Dream Crusha, Gun Shot, HybuR
Supernatural - Tripolar, impatience, Spartan, Status
Little Rascals - R3zzy, Kyphitz, Leggo, The Tribute
G4C Chilled Reality- _BLaZe, ArtofWar, Senarcia, zKILL

Crimsix the god:
Best Man:
Ogre 2:

Notable Players
Elamite - Casting
Strongside - Not attending
Walshy - Not attending
Gandhi - Spectating/News
Tsquared - Gamespot news coverage
TiZoXiC - Not attending
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
GT: iRGush

User Info: iRGush

5 years ago#3
Who should I look out for?

Instinct - Best Halo team for 5 years. They have the GOAT in Ogre 2, THE best Halo player ever. They are the favourites, and have had top 2 finishes in 6 of the last 7 events. Won AGL Columbus last month.
Status Quo - MLG Columbus champions. AGL Chicago Champions
Warriors - Fan favourite Ninja, Ryanoob, Goofy and veteran Legit.
Ambush- 4 great players of Reach, plenty of chemistry. Could be a good shout.
Triggers Down - 4 veteran players,all with great chemistry.
Believe the Hype - Former national champs, now with the MLG Columbus FFA champ, Assault
Optic Nation - Pro COD team, could adapt very well.
apeX Power and Western Wolves - Both flying over from England
Immunity - From Australia, with Ogre 1, 1/2 of the best team of CE, and part of the greatest team ever, Final Boss in Halo 2 (20 odd top 2 finishes in a row)
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
GT: iRGush

User Info: iRGush

5 years ago#4
Im new to MLG. Ive heard bad things about MLG? Where can I watch some action?

Right here sonny. I'l list the videos of MLG gameplay starting from the most recent, to random stuff at the bottom

AGL Columbus (last month)

Finals - Instinct vs Elite 4 (lots of smack talk) Part 2 -

MLG Columbus

Instinct vs Classic (Best 5 game series ever, please watch) Playlist link -
Instinct vs SQ (Winner of Countdown TS, wins 20k)
Highlights montage, sick Halo chant with over 1500 spectators

2011 (Try to pretend that season didnt exist)

Best plays of the season
Best play ever



2008/9 (You will see 2009 Str8 vs 2009 TD on Friday night)

End of their famous 11 game series 1 - Part 2 -
Famous match at mlg dallas 2008 -

The voice of MLG, Chris Puckett

Trash talk

MLG montage
Ninja vs Suddoth 1 - 2 - (8min 10 for a lol)
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
GT: iRGush

User Info: iMillatime

5 years ago#5
What are the settings or gametypes they'll be using? Or is this just a for fun kind of mlg event to kick off mlg halo 4?
It's Millatime
~What's wrong Mr. Bubbles?~

User Info: iRGush

5 years ago#6
Again, this is all from Doju of THC and is all him.
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
GT: iRGush

User Info: iRGush

5 years ago#7
iMillatime posted...
What are the settings or gametypes they'll be using? Or is this just a for fun kind of mlg event to kick off mlg halo 4?

It hasn't been announced but there is a 20,000$ first place prize so people will be taking it seriously. A lot of people are just going for fun and to try out the game so many settings won't be changed, probably just radar taken off and possibly camo/promethean vision but no one knows because MLG doesn't want to give people with leaked copies an advantage.
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.
GT: iRGush
(message deleted)

User Info: Finaliize

5 years ago#9
inb4 MLG haters

User Info: LOTRsolidsnake

5 years ago#10
thanks for posting this iRgush
Lost, 2004-2010. Best show ever.
~RIP Max~ XBL/PSN: LOTRsolidsnake
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