Every armor in the game in one picture

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User Info: TastyBeverage

5 years ago#81
link is dead
GT: XTastyBeverageX
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User Info: earvcunanan

5 years ago#82
How do you unlock these armor sets?

User Info: squidgy617

5 years ago#83
Purple_Cheetah posted...
Warrior, Protector, Vanguard, CIO

Kinda like Infiltrator lately for some reason, and Orbital if it can remove the skull.
I like them all for their own little reasons, but I'll probably never ever touch Raider.

As for the person asking if we start with them, no.
You unlock some simply by ranking up enough, some are made visible by ranking up but also need a mastery in a particular commendation or something similiar. They are free though once unlocked.

You can remove the skull. I saw an image where there was one of just Orbital, and one was "Orbital (without skull)".

User Info: SageRamirez

5 years ago#84
Aviator, EOD, Oceanic, Raider, Venator, Rogue and Wetwork.

I'll probably be using EOD or Aviator the most though.
Xbox Live Gamertag: SageRamirez00

User Info: Leighton04

5 years ago#85
Underwater numero uno!
I am the law

User Info: CrispyPimp

5 years ago#86
Engineer, Raider, Warrior, and Oceanic are my faves.
UMvC3: Sentinel/???/Dormammu

User Info: Chariloe

5 years ago#87
Venator for me.
Chariloe http://www.youtube.com/user/Chariloe?feature=mhee
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User Info: Mushmello

5 years ago#88
My favorite is Venator. And not because of Dead Space.

User Info: rdnythesavior

5 years ago#89
Ugh, EOD should have stayed one big visor.. the two eye shields are ridiculous looking.

I really like the Oceanic armor, It will be my new 'Security'
"I don't want to say 'I Told You So' ...so, Welcome to Miami!"
GT: rodneythesavior

User Info: asdfienslkdieee

5 years ago#90
TastyBeverage posted...
link is dead

It is not. I am going to assume that like me, you accidentally copied the word "Enjoy" into the URL the first time around.
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