would you take $2,000 in cash if it meant you could never be able to play H4?

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  3. would you take $2,000 in cash if it meant you could never be able to play H4?

User Info: iParadigm

5 years ago#21
ISKREEM616 posted...
JackhammerM60 posted...
kingdede77 posted...
jesse_skater posted...
$2000 is nothing so no. Not saying it's pocket change. But it's not that much money

User Info: xSavant

5 years ago#22
Phoenixmon2 posted...
Eh, I'd want a little more

that's why I put $2,000 in the title. something too high like $10,000 would obviously sway the majority of people, while something too low like $500 wouldn't be worth trading for the hours of entertainment one would get from H4.


5 years ago#23
Currently having a 300 gallon acrylic tank and stand built which cost me under $1900. I'd gladly give my cichlids a new home for free over halo any day.
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User Info: brainfreeze10

5 years ago#24
College Student. 2k.
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User Info: tiger8191

5 years ago#25
jonybeans13 posted...
ill take the 2 g's halo 5 and 6 will be here tmrw

User Info: Eagles931

5 years ago#26
I wouldn't take the money, I'm perfectly fine with my financial status right now
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User Info: xSavant

5 years ago#27
so it's pretty much a split decision. interesting.

User Info: IFZ

5 years ago#28
I'd take the money, but only because I'm unemployed at the moment. $2000 in my pocket would help out tremendously right now.
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User Info: The_Archduke

5 years ago#29
take the 2k and just play league or whatever sounds good to me
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User Info: OhHeyltsYou

5 years ago#30
I don't really need $2000, I'm making enough money as it is. But I'll still take the $2000. Just for the fact it's more money.
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  3. would you take $2,000 in cash if it meant you could never be able to play H4?

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