would you take $2,000 in cash if it meant you could never be able to play H4?

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  3. would you take $2,000 in cash if it meant you could never be able to play H4?

User Info: Cerbz

4 years ago#361
iRGush posted...
The 2k, is this even a question
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User Info: PatrickG02

4 years ago#362
2k. Because halo 4 is going to bomb. People will buy it off the hype

User Info: chris_mi9r

4 years ago#363
Ridiculous question, of course I would.
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User Info: Servare

4 years ago#364
There isn't a game in existence where I wouldn't sacrifice playing it for 2k.

Who is that obsessed with video games?
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User Info: Dairycows

4 years ago#365
I'd take the $2k. Not hurting for money or anything right now, but I'm not anticipating Halo 4 as much as I was its predecessors (still buying it day one though). So I'd take that 2k and blow it on a bunch of other games, then just sit on the rest for future entertainment prospects.

Now if it was Halo 2 or 3 at the time of their launch I might have gone for them over the money.

User Info: mister yummy

mister yummy
4 years ago#366
I don't know, I'd take the $2000 for Halo 4, but if it meant I could never play Super Mario Bros. again, I'd pass. Or any of the first 5 Zeldas for that matter. r lots of games. But Halo 4? I'll take the moolah.
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User Info: smelly_boob

4 years ago#367
I'd take $50 to never play h4, but since you are offering $2000 that works too

User Info: master XR

master XR
4 years ago#368
I'll take the 2000 in cash to never play or experience a game I'm not interested in in a series that doesn't excite me.
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User Info: MonadAlvis

4 years ago#369
I don't actually play Halo, but this was on the first page, so I'll take the 2000$ please. ^_^
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User Info: almasbaby

4 years ago#370
Absolutely, yes. There are other games. I could buy plenty with 2k.
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