Will Halo 4 really be worth getin?

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User Info: Koking1987

4 years ago#1
its between halo 4 and cod bops 2. what should i do..

User Info: Koking1987

4 years ago#2
also it might not be worth getin because i dont remember any of them

User Info: Who_ate_the_pie

4 years ago#3
Get Halo because it comes out in less than 3 hours.

Well for me at least.
I don't care.

User Info: DirtBasedSoap

4 years ago#4
you should stop making so many topics.
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User Info: Omega_Gilgamesh

4 years ago#5
Call of Duty: yearly installments, minimal changes to gameplay, BO2 had 2 years development.

Halo: 2 year installments, whole new enemies, game modes, weapons, actually good stories, 4 year development cycle for this one IIRC (I believe 343 Industries began working on this the same time Bungie started working on Reach)
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User Info: ModernLifelsWar

4 years ago#6
This game is going to be awesome. Get it. I haven't enjoyed a COD campaign since 3 so that leaves the online which will probably be exactly the same as always.
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