Sitting outside Gamestop....

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User Info: hatchetman187

5 years ago#21
I'm sitting at home watching tv because this isn't Black Ops 2 yet.

User Info: 365metal

5 years ago#22
djshowstopper87 posted...
Some little 8 year old was just cursing up a storm and his mom came and told him he wasn't getting the game tonight LOL.

Haha stupid kid
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User Info: Shadows_Of_Fall

5 years ago#23
My Best Buy doesn't do midnight releases T_T Going in at 10 when they open.
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User Info: my_name_is_Ed

5 years ago#24
200 people and counting in maryville, tn...
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User Info: OhHeyltsYou

5 years ago#25
kingbahamut83 posted...
At my local mall now. Around 70 people here. Lolz ensued when I noticed the 50+ year old dude with the halo shirt on.

I didn't know 50+ year olds weren't allowed to like video games.
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User Info: djshowstopper87

5 years ago#26
85 people in line now at my gamestop. The employees said that there are 130 people that paid off the game.

User Info: Moegitto

5 years ago#27
Nope, not even leaving the warmth of my apartment till midnight. It's raining and cold as hell here, not trying to get pneumonia just to get a game.

User Info: gatorsPENSbucs

5 years ago#28
ZamboniGamer posted...
iNikeOne posted...
Wait till the nerds arrive.

Can picture them all getting out of a mini van driven by one of their moms :)

As I was reading this 4 kids jumped out of a minivan. They made 1 kid stand in line and the other 3 went back into the van.
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User Info: Chubrock812

5 years ago#29
They just lined us up by group number. I'm 14th in line.... 8mins!

User Info: rellum10

5 years ago#30
the_tic_begins posted...
Well over 100 people at local eb (gamespot) here last night.
Kmart next door wasn't allowed to sell it till 9am. Eb wanted all the lemmings to themselves. Paying $99 when everywhere else is selling for $69. Couldn't price match as other stores technically didn't have it in stock. Such a scam on ebs part.

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