Excuse me, 343? You Call of Duty all over my Halo.

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User Info: Cosmic_Diabetic

4 years ago#71
dopemaster posted...
I agree, the whole customization system is definitely built with unlocks like cod style...plus the crouch button is b, and the kill cam.

the crouch button could always be "b" ever since the first Halo. halo did the whole 2 guns to swap from before that it was just pick up every gun like back in the days of golden eye

User Info: Net Shark

Net Shark
4 years ago#72
This in Redbox yet? I think I may want to try before I buy.
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User Info: raven077

4 years ago#73
God forbid there be any similar features in a game.

Me and a pal beat the campaign before he crashed I hit the MP. Ya know what? It was a freaking blast.

Killcams? Who cares either way, you can skip it or you can watch it or you can ignore it.

Grenade indicators? Only useful for when a frag bounces off a wall behind you and you can't figure out where its going through your speakers. Otherwise you can freaking see them plain as day hitting the ground on your screen.

Perks, mods, packages, loadouts. I think it works itself out. Sure skilled players, especially in groups, can be more formidable now. It will also help the average or below average player get some more juice on their side. Alot of potential comes with this.

Seriously, I don't understand the fuss if one game incorporates features from another. Games always do this.

Is CoD the only game where you can choose your starting weapons? NO
Is CoD the only game with a killcam? NO
Grenade indicators? NO
Instant Respawn? NO

See where this is going? Nothing new is here, just some of you have this odd fascination about comparing and criticizing every little thing about a game instead of just shutting the heck up and playing them.

Get over it and yourselves and enjoy the freaking thing. Or if its so offensive that features are added, don't play it.

Seriously. You come here, cry about it and then go right back to the game. What the heck kinda crap is that? It's no different than slapping yourself, complaining about it stinging and do it again anyway.

Sooooooooooooo, in closing.

Derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp.

Campaign was AWESOME!

Forgive the rambling, I downed two full throttle and a bottle of vodka while playing. :D
Like a Boss!

User Info: Rustybanana

4 years ago#74
I think the multiplayer is great. I don't understand these fanboys who think that this game is bad just because they added a few "cod-like" features. I get it the cool thing is to hate on cod, but like an earlier poster said "take the tinted glasses off" and have fun I know I am.
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User Info: Duwstai

4 years ago#75
From: Izzythewinner | #069
can you guys seriously shut up and close this topic?

aeriously, everyone is a freaking critic.

the game is amazing.
Feels like cod? cry about it

cod feels like halo. they are both first person shooters.

coke feels or tastes like pepsi.

and whiners seem like little girls that arent satisfied with the pony their mommy got them.

play the damn game and be happy.

Sounds like you are the only one in this topic whining. Whiner.

User Info: SeraphLance

4 years ago#76
I don't mind the new CoD-y changes, but they are not "improvements". Getting perks instead of picking weapons up off the ground is a fundamentally different type of game, pure and simple.

I prefer the metagame of the classic approach, but H4's is okay.

Also, anyone who thinks halo is getting "stale" after six games has no idea what they're talking about. CoD's gameplay system hasn't really changed in any substantial fashion since MW1, while every MP installment to Halo other than maybe H3 has changed the Halo series more than the entire changelog of CoD since it became popular. CoD fans are apparently fine with this.
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User Info: weezergabe

4 years ago#77
My first reaction was exactly like yours TC. The first time I held "select" to view the scoreboard, and all I saw was "points," my heart sank into my stomach.

User Info: DarkTyrantX

4 years ago#78
h4 is a disappointing game. there's a reason why its the lowest rated "halo" game. ripped off cod features down to the controls and ruined the formula.

User Info: foodeater4

4 years ago#79
Every FPS should have join in sesssion. Its just rubbish when you have quitters all around.

Loadouts are better too. Once thing that always felt off about Reach is it just feels so primitive having to come in with a certain loadout. I want some customization options.

User Info: Ccompton917

4 years ago#80
My only big complaint is it seems like you die a lot faster...like someone said the run and gun style. Half the time its damn near impossible to get away once a couple of bullets have been put into you especially now that everyone has sprint. That was one of the main reasons I prefer halo over call of duty. also they really screwed up the distances with the radar. You can see people super far away now which really messes me up. I'll pop out to start shooting someone and they're not even in sight, they're way back there behind that tree, or inside that building etc. Guess its just something you gotta get used to but its still irritating.
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