not sure how I feel, what do you guys think?

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  3. not sure how I feel, what do you guys think?

User Info: SeedPlantHerb

5 years ago#21
After a bit of a stale start for me it started to pick up once the Prometheans arrived and getting introduced to big bad but I've just received the revelation and it was kinda lame, I'm also getting a lot of cheese from Cortana and that Lansky guy..

.. Oh well, probably gonna save the end for tomorrow after that bummer..

Very fun gameplay though!!
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User Info: DeusAbsconditus

5 years ago#22
After beating it Solo on Normal after months of no Halo at all, I can honestly say the new enemies really don't make me want to even bother with playing through Heroic and Legendary. They're not fun to fight on normal, so I shudder to think about what they'll be like on a higher difficulty.

Quite frankly, the Covenant are STILL the series best enemies, and I would've loved if the story involved a lost battalion of Covenant who didn't know the war ended vs. Chief vs. Didact just so they could have played a larger role.
Your favorite game sucks because I say so.

User Info: megametroid

5 years ago#23
...switched controls from default to Recon and it actually made a big difference having my old B for melee and RB for reload back. Sprinting on X is kind of awkward but I'm honestly willing to live with it if it makes the game more fun for me.

User Info: kcoin17

5 years ago#24
After playing for a few hours last night and a couple today I am loving it, I guess I had to just readjust to the feel, I'm actually putting it up there with halo2's multi, very addicting.
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  3. not sure how I feel, what do you guys think?

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