What SR rank is everyone at so far?

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User Info: Geremy69

4 years ago#131
SR41, Hit the cap earlier tonight. I'll be back at it tomorrow

User Info: LinkBean

4 years ago#132
SR-37. Hit the cap the last 3 days, really bugging me. I was so close to Scout today, been waiting for it for a while.

User Info: thethirdthought

4 years ago#133
An apparent easy way to bypass the ex cap is to go to your xbox settings and change the time zone but beware, you can possibly be banned for this.
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User Info: Gold25one

4 years ago#135
41 i have only really played played launch day and today

User Info: m3nt4lftw

4 years ago#136
42 hardly played the last 2 days
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User Info: Sir_Kuros

4 years ago#137
49 just hit the cap
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User Info: NauticalDisasta

4 years ago#138
38. I've been playing everyday buy have not reached the cap at all.
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User Info: brokenpuzzle

4 years ago#139
gamertag: goM0rdecai

User Info: Talfonis

4 years ago#140
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  3. What SR rank is everyone at so far?

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