What SR rank is everyone at so far?

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User Info: godFORBIDjelly

5 years ago#51
32 and no double xp used.
gmrtag~ A Red Werewolf

User Info: Tj429

5 years ago#52
34.....yeah buddy! Double xp

User Info: SleepComa

5 years ago#53
34 with double xp!
I am no longer human

User Info: PharoahPelican

5 years ago#54
6 - campaign only, no double XP.
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User Info: Booty_Call

5 years ago#55
28. Kinda wish I had double XP but I've done fine without it I guess.
There is no such thing as a death that's your fault.

User Info: RoXaS__________

5 years ago#56
25 no double xp

User Info: littlebro07

5 years ago#57

I've only played legendary campaign and I'm stuck on the final mission.

User Info: D3Seeker

5 years ago#58
17, natural, Taking it slow, not so good

User Info: Silentbob711

5 years ago#59
Sr-22 with double xp and no shame for using it.
You're probably right. If Tali, Garrus, and Liara aren't loyal by now, I'm gonna throw them out in space.

User Info: megaman915

5 years ago#60
22 just now
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  3. What SR rank is everyone at so far?

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