What SR rank is everyone at so far?

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User Info: snipekill360

4 years ago#71
SR34. No double Xp
(there was double xp?!? HOW?)
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User Info: SniperKill101

4 years ago#72
SR-19, no double XP, I love it. Also, I was quite terrible at Reach, with a .96 k/d though now I have a 1.2 k/d and rising!
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User Info: BrokenMirrors

4 years ago#73
34 or 35 can't really remember lol (No x2XP)
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User Info: tairaa1991

4 years ago#74
9, 4 or 5 games no double xp just finished campaign so probbaly all multi now

User Info: gameguy006

4 years ago#75
lol at high ranks. Nerds.

User Info: Sir_Kuros

4 years ago#76
http://i.imgur.com/LLmzg.jpg http://i.imgur.com/suyeS.jpg

User Info: Keiradish

4 years ago#77
18 so far, but about to power level up as fast as I can.

User Info: ClearBlazer

4 years ago#78
38 i barely play
Whatever// YESSS

User Info: Orgy

4 years ago#79
Finaliize posted...
artharus posted...

No DoubleXP

Are you bypassing the cap?

nah you can be that high by now easily

I'm 35 and havent hit the cap since tuesday

if i had no job i could be 39 or more by now
Gamertag: Derpy Pony

User Info: hartjh

4 years ago#80
The only K/D that does matter is your real life one. _ZM_
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