Why Halo 4's multiplayer is the WORST yet

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User Info: joncoallstar

4 years ago#171
Halo 4 mp is the best yet, and it finally took an evolutionary step instead of the same boring gameplay.

This is good for Halo, sorry TC but you're in the minority here.

User Info: Deyoxy

4 years ago#172
At first, I was going to type out a detailed response to all of your issues. Then I realized that you just annoyed me.

User Info: IAmCptDavey

4 years ago#173
Also to those who gave up on reach; try the multiplayer anniversary mode.

It doesn't feel like reach but more like other Halos in an updated setting. It takes a good deal of skill. The maps are remakes and so play very differently.

I sound like a fanboy haha but oh well, I'm just trying to give people some ideas :)

User Info: dr_gonzo355

4 years ago#174
I didn't read all the post here, obviously, but if this is where people are posting legitimate complaints I would like to add that I hate the gravity in MP. You float around like you're in space and it leaves you very open to be shot. You can run faster than your huge ass Spartan can fall. Also, the armor really is horrible looking. Like, just really, really ugly and the rubber reptile suit under it looks even worse. Why does MC have that if his armor is the same from part 3?

User Info: monkmith

4 years ago#175
1. loadouts allow you to carry what you like or think will work best into a match from the start without having to hunt for it. it's not like you can start out with a rocket launcher or any of the power weapons.

and by negate skill i would guess you are talking about everyone choosing the same weapon? if that's the case than change up how you play. DMR for long range, BR for medium, AR for short. you will always win a short range fight with an AR against a DMR and/or BR.

2. grenades do feel nerfed, hell i'm not even sure if a plasma stick is still a one hit kill (it isn't in campaign). plus the new grenade has limited use. thankfully this game has the backing of the company that made it so expect to see tweaks to stats.

3. dont really see how this is true. it takes skill to land consistent head shots with a BR/DMR. also takes skill and intelligence to use each weapon.

4. haven't used the warthog in multiplayer, but i can say with certainty that a single player with a DMR will not destroy you if you play smart. keep your eyes open and run when you need to.

5. i would assume you mean personal ordnance? i don't really have an opinion on this yet. yes i can see this encouraging campers, but there have always been campers. its an FPS after all.

6. dont really care what my character looks like, it's not like i ever see him in a match.

7. just looking at the system in place i would assume you get enough points to unlock everything eventually. not sure what you are complaining about, except for the fact you can't manage points well. you will do just fine with the first few unlocks.
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User Info: RMPCobra

4 years ago#176
Reasons why this game is good
1. Team Slayer Pro

User Info: Noke0

4 years ago#177
TC Completely agree. It's not and never will be Halo anymore. We don't get the Arena Shooter we once loved.

Fun game, but it's not Halo anymore. I will still enjoy playing it though :(
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User Info: ryanxdavey

4 years ago#178
TC complains that 2 people start shooting each other at same time, NEITHER MISSES, and the guy with the better gun wins. That's all you need to know.

User Info: ish0turfac3

4 years ago#179
Haven't played reach have you tc?
GT: ish0turfac3
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User Info: djshowstopper87

4 years ago#180
I mean yea the multiplayer does have some elements inspired by Call of Duty but its still the best Halo multiplayer since Halo 2 and 3. But this game is still very different from COD and does require skill and smart tatics. For example, in this game being a lone wolf is a TERRIBLE idea if you playing team based modes. I learned this the hard way, you will ALWAYS get double or triple teamed. Its best to stay in a group with your teammates. If COD lone wolves can make out fine by camping. Sayin the mp is terrible is a stupid thing to say, you must just suck at it.
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