Why Halo 4's multiplayer is the WORST yet

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User Info: LazerLXXVII2

4 years ago#231
1) Loadouts segregate player base and negate player skill

At first I felt the same as you, partly because I was worried people would spawn with shotguns and snipers all the time. Basically your choices are assault rifle, battle rifle, DMR, and then the Covenant and Prometheus versions of the same gun. It just simply lets you start with your preferred weapon of the generic weapons.

2) Grenades are nerfed

Finally, do you remember Halo Reach and Halo 3, which would be a full round of grenades blowing up from start to finish because you could just walk over dead bodies and collect grenades? That was stupid.

3) Skill is nerfed

Honestly, its the same.

4) Vehicles are nerfed

Are you kidding? You're complaining that over powered vehicles were nerfed? There was a reason why most people dreaded playing any level with a ghost on Reach.

5) Ordnance system promotes camping

Camping always has and always will exist in any FPS game. Are you insisting that people didn't camp on the ridiculous level designs of Halo Reach? Like that stupid ass office level.

6) Armor choices are ridiculous


7) Unlock system is ridiculous

While I agree with the whole "new helmet unlocked" but you can't use it thing. This actually encourages you to put work into the game to get what you want. You'll stand out if you worked to get a certain piece of armor or a helmet. Or do you just want everyone having the same 2-3 layouts that look cool because it would be so easy to unlock them?

No offense man, I'm always open to thoughts and ideas. But these are the most ridiculous criticisms. They actually FIXED things for the first time since Halo 3...and not only did they fix them, they fixed them dramatically so its not broken anymore.

User Info: jintarman

4 years ago#232
People starting with different rifles isn't a bad thing, it's all about preference. If our bad with the DMR at mid range than don't fight with it at mid range. There's no rule saying you have to fight to the death every time you lay eyes on someone, move somewhere else and reengage on your own terms
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User Info: xplayer55

4 years ago#233
If you don't like the multiplayer then don't play it. Stop complaining and enjoy the other aspects of the game.
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User Info: DAS420MAN

4 years ago#234
CharityDiary posted...
maximo posted...
AyumiSqueezetoy posted...
maximo posted...
I have spent quite a bit of energy complaining about this game, specifically the MP.

Since then I have spent more time with it and have to say that I was wrong.

Anyone here complaining about this game maybe hasn't given it the chance it deserves.

After spending considerably more time playing I have to say that it is a complete blast I absolutely love it.

One word: Supressor :)

Not only is it good to hear you're enjoying the game more now, but it's so refreshing to see someone say that they're wrong rather than disappear or stubbornly stick to their guns. Thanks for improving my faith in gamefaqs :)

TBH with you I should have kept my mouth shut until I had played a while.

The MP really opens up the more you play and I am slowly but surely improving. I'm loving it!

I'm the opposite. The more I play the multiplayer, the more close-minded and trivial it becomes; the more I see that it's just pretending to innovate, but it's really just a facade; the more I see that skill isn't as much of a factor anymore with random ordnance drops and such.

I just hate it the more I play it.

Then what should you stop doing?
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User Info: Driice420

4 years ago#235
If only the majority of the armor didn't make me want to puke because it's so ugly

User Info: Alternative_1

4 years ago#236
Bad players blaming their badness on the game.

Nothing new here.
tahts halo
dont worry

User Info: shawtownballer

4 years ago#237
I agree 1000% on the unlocks! That credits system is lame because like you said, it takes a while to earn more if you waste them on something you don't like.

But the biggest peeve is the " You have unlocked etc!!!". I was like...cool, time to peep this new helmet I unlocked. Then when I go to try it, its still locked!!

User Info: Captain_Valiant

4 years ago#238
A few points that are bugging me:

1. Ordinance drops are not random. You earn drops by racking up points. The ordinance choices that populate do appear to be random. They deploy roughly in the direction you're looking. This cannot possibly promote camping, because players determine the timing and location of the drops.

2. The reason you can see unlockables before actually being able to use them is because many of them have specific unlock requirements noted in their description. Although I agree that having to scroll through all your armor/emblems in order to make that star disappear is annoying.

3. The changes make to MP don't take skill out of the equation. The "skills" (used loosely)involved in Halo have to do with being good at a twitchy FPS, map knowledge, and gun characteristics. It would be more accurate to define someone who is be "skilled" as "experienced".
An aggressive aim-assist mechanic would be an example of nerfing skill.
Earning points to diversify your loadouts rewards effort.

User Info: Wydis

4 years ago#239
1) Loadouts segregate player base and negate player skill

It promotes -strategy- over twitch-skills, to clarify. Perfect mechanics winning a game every time is hilariously boring when the strategy degenerates into 'I'mma shoot 'im'. If you take a DMR into a tight map and get mowed down by ARs, or take an AR onto a giant map and get sniped by DMRs? It's poor positioning and poor weapon choice. I happen to be sick to death of perfect -strategy- playing absolutely no role in shooters, so the fact that there's even this slight of a departure from absolute mechanics-focus is, to me, refreshing. That said, it's a preferable fate to having a single weapon simply win regardless (Halo 2 BR, anyone?) so long as you don't miss, which is as brainless as gaming can get.

2) Grenades are nerfed

Thank god, satan, and the atheist space-goat for THAT! Grenade-spam has plagued -every- Halo game, other than 4, which finally gets it right in that newbies with a left trigger can't simply spam their way to overkills. I may not like mechanics-only gameplay, but 'nade-spam too-far negated the skill shooting takes by being far easier to deal damage with, at no cost. Now, sticks are harder, fragging in general takes more focus, and in general, I've yet to feel cheaply killed by 'nades, whereas half of all 'nade kills prior to 4 were -only- spam or luck-based affairs. Was maddening, and the reason why they, in Reach, had the dreadful Armor Lock... to stop 'nade-spamming. It didn't work, of course, so this approach is far nicer.

3) Skill is nerfed

See 1).

4) Vehicles are nerfed

I'm sorry, so you're annoyed by the fact that vehicles are now a strategic difference rather than being thoughtlessly more powerful than being on foot ever could be? Once more, the changes promote -strategy- by leveling the playing field. Yes, a ghost can be killed by well-placed shots, but if you boost at someone distracted, and, you know, -think- rather than play like it's 'MWAHAHAHA, INFINITE FREE KILLS UNTIL THE ROCKETS SHOW UP!', maybe you'd have better luck? Maybe if you used vehicles for a purpose beyond 'I want free kills', you might discover that they do quite work for what they're intended. I've gone games where I've gotten splatter sprees as an unshot ghost, or where I've gotten a dozen 'distractions' as a banshee, or so on, but they're just -different- from being on foot, not necessarily -better-, which is a good thing for people who enjoy, oh, I don't know, skill? Which you complained about prior.

5) Ordnance system promotes camping

I'm sorry, but power weapons being on the -map- is better? Where a disorganized team of randomers will cost you the entire game because, from the start, their team has every power weapon and camps the spawns of them? Ordinance means you need -kills- to get such weapons, which are randomized anyway. If they get ordinance while camping, then it's because your team has decided to rush their camped position rather than take to a more strategically sound method of attack.

6) Armor choices are ridiculous

I absolutely agree, actually. And female models are downright... bizarre. Yes they're super-soldiers, but if people can have fotis horns, I think some feminine armor wouldn't kill anyone. I mean really, it's not like shooters aren't working hard enough to keep girls out as-is. -_-

7) Unlock system is ridiculous

Hm... I mostly agree. On the one hand, it's nice to have a goal to work towards besides a number, but working towards -emblems-, or weapons that you can't try in any way beforehand yet end up stuck with... is kinda iffy. Yet, map loadouts lessen that issue a bit, as do the largely ignored AAs and the lessened potency of grenades-- mostly just your main weapon matters now, more often than not.
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User Info: Wydis

4 years ago#240
Don't get me wrong, I -hate- a lot about Halo 4, and its multiplayer... but your points just don't feel like solid reasonings, save the last two, TC. (Ran out of characters.)
I wrote a guide to Monday Night Combat's Assassin, the threads were just sad:
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