Kotaku ranks Halo games from best to worst and.....

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User Info: Blink of an eye

Blink of an eye
5 years ago#61
BTzz posted...
I don't see how CE isn't 1. Just for its time, it was amazing.

Agreed. Halo is an all-time classic game that I still play on occasion. Halo 2 may have been a big hit with bringing Live to the Halo series, but as a game it's not even on the same level as CE. The single player was a huge let-down and honestly not very good, and multi-player was Halo:CE except online and with dual-wielding (woo?).
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User Info: Druff

5 years ago#62
"They ranked Halo 2 as the worst!?!?"

Uh, yeah. Duh. Anyone with at least two brain cells to rub together knows Halo 2 is hands down the worst in the series.
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User Info: my_name_is_Ed

5 years ago#63


Love 4 MP
Loved Reach MP
CE is higher than 2 because it was my first online experience (PC), though long after it's prime.
2 is only as low as it is because I started playing hce 2 years before h3 came out, and only got to play h2 a few weeks after h3 came out. past it's prime.
3 was alright, didn't really care for it.
Didn't like ODST.
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User Info: Druff

5 years ago#64
nomadski69 posted...
1. Halo CE
2. Halo: Reach
3. Halo 3
4. Halo ODST
5. Halo 2

Spot on, amigo. *daps*
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User Info: aluccard

5 years ago#65
Pretty good list.
I'd put:

1. Halo Reach. It definitely had the best campaign (enjoyed it far more than 4), but a lot of the multiplayer maps were uninspired. Plus, there were only a few non-forge ones. I loved Forge, but I was so tired of playing a bunch of terrible maps that were allowed into multiplayer.

3. Halo 4. It's a little early to tell on this. I really liked parts of the campaign, but there were a few missions that really dragged for me (like, 3, beginning of 4, and 6). Plus, the return of Cortana is never a welcome addition. It felt like a weird attempt at recreating past levels that I never really cared for. Multiplayer seems great, but I'm upset about the terrible Forge areas.

3. Halo: CE. It was always my favorite campaign, until I replayed it again for Anniversary and realized it didn't hold up quite as well as I thought. I only played this split screen though in multiplayer.

4. Halo 3. Even though the campaign was fairly short, I really liked most of it. I co-op really opened the world up. This was the first time I really started to enjoy Halo multiplayer a lot. I thought the maps were great and varied.

5. Halo 2. I like about 2 missions of the campaign and everything after that is absolutely painful. By far my least favorite in the series. Multiplayer is it's saving grace, but I couldn't really get into it at the time. I was so disappointed in this game after Halo:CE.

I view ODST as more of an expansion. I replayed it the other day in anticipation of 4 and we blew through it in about 3 hours. The action stages were cool, but way too short and the visors annoyed me. Loved the music though.
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User Info: MacDaMurderer

5 years ago#66


Haven't played enough of 4. But what I have played of it is better than 1 and Reach for sure.
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User Info: no1oblivionfan

5 years ago#67
Bigtymer113 posted...
H1 = H2 >H4 >/= H3 > ODST > Reach

You're welcome.
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User Info: TheApd_Returns

5 years ago#68
my order

1 Halo CE. something about this gave it the sense that you are on an epic, mysterious world and not just some prescripted hollywood-school-of-modern-videogame-design rollercoaster. very immersive, even playing it again now.
2 Halo 4 . felt a little short but otherwise the gameplay was fun due to the new enemies on legendary(ie not just plasmapistol/BRing everything) and the story execution was topnotch for a videogame, the end actually tugged at my heartstrings a little and i dont think a videogames ever done that to me.
3 Halo Reach. good gameplay scenarios and decent story, even if it has some holes.
4 ODST. the music and atmosphere were good, it was a great presentation, though i think the gameplay lacked and shouldve taken a different direction to highlight the non-spartan factor rather than just aping the Halo 3 engine and making your "fatigue" (*cough*shields*cough) a little weaker.
5 Halo 3. good overall, with some bland/uninteresting missions.
6 Halo 2. its not even the ending. i played through this game again, the gameplay is garbage, the story isnt that great, and the script is absolutely terrible and cringe-inducing. i seriously suggest anyone that still thinks highly of the SP in Halo 2 to play it again after playing the other Halos; its terrible, and I think hype and the hollywood production values are mainly what made it acceptable back in the day, even when faced with competition like Half Life 2 and the superior Halo 1.

1 Halo CE. balanced? no. the most fun? yes.
2 Halo 4. playing it so far, it seems balanced and well-paced. there really arent any problems outside of boring campers just waiting for weapon drops, and a few turd weapons like the storm rifle and suppressor (the precision rifles have their pros and cons,but the assault rifle really destroys the other two automatics). the maps are the best since halo 2. any of my fears about CoD-ization have been allayed; the increase in speed just means you get back to the Halo action quicker, not that the game has turned into a quickscoping harrier fest.
3 Halo 2. excellent maps and ranking system, though the game was pretty BR centric.
4 Halo 3. it was just kind of a boring continuation of 2's multiplayer, with nothing of value added.
5 Halo Reach. i dont think anything needs to be said. about the only goods thing it did were infection and forge world. stopped playing when i got colonel so i could use the armor i wanted in singleplayer.

User Info: Saikred

5 years ago#69
Not counting the campaigns and looking at MP only I'd have to go:


Not played enough of 4 yet to put it anywhere. Based on what I've seen so far I would maybe put it second
Too much has changed in a bad way imo from Halo 3 to make it better than 3s MP was.
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User Info: Special-Edd

5 years ago#70
Halo 2 had the worst campaign but some of the best multiplayer. Halo Reach had one of the best campaigns but the worst multiplayer. Halo 4 has an awesome campaign and what little MP I've played has been quite enjoyable.
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