Kotaku ranks Halo games from best to worst and.....

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User Info: SeraphLance

5 years ago#71
Since everyone else is doing it...


ODST (firefight)

Not sure where all the hate for ODST comes from. That game was spectacular for what it was. Also, Halo 2 has a horrible campaign. Anyone who says otherwise no longer has any opinion.
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User Info: StraightCircle

5 years ago#72
This is why you shouldn't rely on polls and reviews

User Info: Special-Edd

5 years ago#73
Might as well....


1 (Fathered the franchise we have grown to love.)

Reach (Great story and interesting chracters. Some amazing set pieces.)

4 (Birth of a new story. Again, amazing set pieces. I'd say Reach and 4 were about even in ranking.)

3 (End of the fight against the Covenant and flood. Didn't really wow me but marked the end of an era and answered some questions from 2.)

2 (Prophets spewing a bunch of crap and the Arbiter segments felt boring to me. Covenant shifting their ranks with far less interesting enemies and Humans still getting stomped. Some really lame environments and recycled set pieces from the first game. The only positive thing about it was the challenge on Legendary difficulty)


2 (Took online console gaming to a whole new level online. Brilliant map design and probably the most addictive online experience I have ever had aside from Counter-Strike.)

3 (Made a worthy successor to the throne that Halo 2 built. Not without fault but it felt awesome to hit the battlefield with my friends and enjoy tons of hours online. Some really awesome maps as well.)

1 (With the lack of any real online feature it still provided plenty of fun amongst my friends with split screen and LAN capabilities. Xbconnect came around and helped that out a bit although it was a bit of a mess at times.)

Reach (Unbalanced armor abilities. OP grenades. Very poor map design. Very poor spawn system although that may also be due to map design. This is the only Halo multiplayer game I have just straight up given up on.)

Now I've left Halo 4 out of this since I really only started playing so I cannot be certain of it's long term enjoyment but I have to say it has been quite addictive and enjoyable. I can see it matching up to Halo 3's level of enjoyment and I hope that I squeeze as much fun out of it as humanly possible for me.
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User Info: awesomephatman

5 years ago#74
6 Halo 2. its not even the ending. i played through this game again, the gameplay is garbage, the story isnt that great, and the script is absolutely terrible and cringe-inducing. i seriously suggest anyone that still thinks highly of the SP in Halo 2 to play it again after playing the other Halos; its terrible, and I think hype and the hollywood production values are mainly what made it acceptable back in the day, even when faced with competition like Half Life 2 and the superior Halo 1.

Uh, what?

No, I really enjoyed Halo 2. I've replayed it a couple times over the past year, and my opinion on it hasn't changed. The story was very interesting, and the dialogue was solid.

Part of what made it awesome was the excellent story-driven gameplay. The Arbiter mission to kill the heretics was sweet, because deep down you realize that the "heretics" were correct. The Prophets had tricked the Covenant.

The gameplay was also awesome and mysterious. I remember the Mombasa mission and diving beneath the ocean like it was yesterday.
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