It's OFFICIAL: Thruster Pack is useless

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User Info: jordandrako

4 years ago#61
It's bomb while fighting somebody with a sword or hammer.
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User Info: LonelyGoomba

4 years ago#62
it's good for hunters, haven't played multiplayer yet though

User Info: blundermine

4 years ago#63
KoruKinshi posted...
blundermine posted...
Dave_is_my_name posted...
pellequin posted...
Your welcome!!

I will never take the word of someone whose literacy skills have not surpassed the third grade.

"Your" is a completely different word than "you're."

Thank you for broadcasting yourself as not even having functional English skills.

Put down the controller, pick up a book.

Nobody cares dude.

Speak for yourself. I sure as hell care. I'm so sick of stupidity in this world. We don't need a racial holocaust anymore. We need an intelligence holocaust. Those who lack it are ENDED.

But on the topic of thruster pack: I plan on using it. Anyone who's played platformers knows that a dash is always useful. Even if it's in a shooter scenario, think like a platform player, and you'll likely find it to be quite useful.

Oh no! Someone used the wrong version of your! EUTHANIZE THEM!
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User Info: UtterMoon

4 years ago#64
Thruster pack isn't all that can confuse people pretty easily...but it doesn't come close to being as useful as the other abilities.

User Info: ZERO_X02

4 years ago#65
All they need to do to make Thruster Pack useful is remove the weapon readying animation after you boost. If your gun was up and ready to use immediately, the dodge would work, but as it stands you can't fire for so long that the enemy can get a bead on you again before you can shoot.
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User Info: Xolace

4 years ago#66
I love using the Thruster. It's a fun way to troll double melee players. :)

User Info: LouIsCool222

4 years ago#67
I used it running alongside a teammate and we still moved the same speed. IT does nothing.

Though once, I used to to avoid a ball kill and assassinated him. For a second, I thought it was good.
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User Info: SupaflyGibson

4 years ago#68
It'd be much better if it kept you in 1rst person and you could still shoot during the animation. Its very awkward the way it is and seems like a terrible version of evade.
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User Info: PNeill21

4 years ago#69
I was able to have a plasma grenade fall off me using it. And a couple of times i was able to get behind cover that i wouldn't other wise have. Its still not great but I can see the utility.
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User Info: jrbeerman11

4 years ago#70
Its much better in sp, it barely goes anywhere in mp. It was first aa i unlocked, and boy did i want it to work. It sucks, does not save from swords or shotguns either. Does more to disorient YOU than opponent.
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