It's OFFICIAL: Thruster Pack is useless

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User Info: TheSilentMirage

5 years ago#71
I just finished the game and then proceeded to mess around in forge for a little while. While forging, I noticed how crappy the thruster pack seemed, which confused me since it was good in the campaign, and I came here looking for a topic exactly like this.

I don't get why it is so much better in the campaign. Is that intentional?

So anyway, the only other AA that I have access to is promethean vision. I guess I should buy that instead, huh?

User Info: xxENIGMA

5 years ago#72
I think if they would just increase the range by like 50% it would be a lot more effective.

User Info: BryanPS360

5 years ago#73
I wouldn't be surprised if they buffed the speed and/or distance in a future patch.
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  3. It's OFFICIAL: Thruster Pack is useless

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