This game is awful...

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User Info: TheSexySasuke

5 years ago#101
Your awful
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User Info: darealest47

5 years ago#102
dmack316 posted...
I don't get how COD got so popular. I've watched my cousin play Black Ops and I was bored in the first half hour. My co worker convinced me to buy COD 4 when that was the new thing because a bunch of people at my worked played together each night. I popped it in that night and started playing with them and I was bored within the first hour. I traded in the game 2 days later. At least Halo is set in a fantasy futuristic world so nothing is really too outragous for them to do. From my understanding, the COD games try to keep it realistic with the real world. That's all well and good but how much room is there to do something different in the next game and so on? In Halo you can have crazy monsters and unrealistic war ships because it's all fiction. I think the weakest in the Halo series is by far ODST. I like Halo Wars better than that game.

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User Info: darealest47

5 years ago#103
Halo CE on pc or xbox LAN = halo 2 >> halo 3 >> halo wars >>>>>>>> halo 4 >= halo reach
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User Info: iceman505

5 years ago#104
dueric posted...
SexPantherPanda posted...
The people that love this game are not true halofanatics they are people waiting for Big Black Ops 2.

Be that as it may. We'll at least have COD in a week while you're still pissing and moaning.

Yeah, we're already well aware pandering to you COD Homers will have been in vain. Here's to hoping BLOPS II is terrible!

Trolling aside, it's still Halo.

User Info: The_Archduke

5 years ago#105
games change, this isnt bloops huehue

but really though, the halo we're playing now is made by the same guys who played halo 1 when it was popular and halo 2 when it was popular and probably some when halo 3 was popular. lets be srs guys
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User Info: N3xtG3nGam3r

5 years ago#106
I have 2 complaints about halo 4. Grenades aren't strong enough, and they need more maps for multiplayer.

As far as the topic in discussion; this game is not a classic like Halo CE, and no other halo past or present or future will be, ever. That's the undeniable truth. I had much more fun playing h4 campaign than any other besides the first.

As for the MP, the developers needed to move a few buttons around for the default setup on the controller to make the game work.

Go back and read into all the hype for halo 2. Stuff we wanted in halo 2 after loving the first, never made it in, and tons of people were disappointed.. We were lead to believe you would be able to sprint, use the hunters fuel rod cannons, the graphics would be way better, with broad open levels. Never got any of it.

Stuff people are complaining about that is in the game, is all really just stuff original fans wanted in the second after playing the first.

The way I see it-and this is true as can be-I've been wanting stuff that is in halo 4 to be in halo games since before the second one came out. To say its cloning call of duty is stupid, and may "seem" true, but this game has been heading in this direction since the end of halo 1.

Call of duty hasn't been about skill since the first modern warfare, with the introduction of perks, and killstreak rewards. Halo has always been about angling grenade throws, headshots, close quarters melee attacks, etc. Noobs and people that generally suck overall still get owned like they always have. Those are the people that migrated to CoD, because they can pick the game up, get 3 kills, and use killstreaks to boost their k/d"s for a single game and be rewarded by a false sense of gratifying "fake skill".

Bottom line, halo is still halo, it's just been built upon what people have wanted for 10 years now. I was 13 when I played the first halo. If everything they promised us would have made it into the second game who the hell knows where we would be.
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User Info: N3xtG3nGam3r

5 years ago#107
Guess i should have read past the first few responses before posting in this joke topic. Forgot why i dont even bother to sign into this site and post anymore.
ASUS p8h61-M (Rev 3.0) | Intel CORE i3 | 4GB DDr3 | 500GB HDD | 600w PSU | nVidia EVGA GTX 470 1.2GB GDDr5

User Info: lderivedx

5 years ago#108
Because you have zero awareness?
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User Info: svstoned

5 years ago#109
PharoahPelican posted...
xHughJasx posted...
This Halo is in no way like CoD. Stop riding the bandwagon and think for yourself for once you puppet.

Ooooh bandwagon wars! Lets get rolin!
Guess well need 2 additional wagons both are getting pretty crowded. By the way ill spectate, fer now.
But ill be cheering fer the "Halo reeks of COD" team because of the simple fact that the other team is full off idiots!
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User Info: Macdaddyruss1

5 years ago#110
TheSexySasuke posted...
Your awful
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