This game is awful...

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User Info: YoshiKid115

4 years ago#61
SexPantherPanda posted...
The people that love this game are not true halofanatics they are people waiting for Big Black Ops 2.

You seem to be upset that people have different opinions than you.

Stay mad.
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User Info: KaiserWarrior

4 years ago#62
huerito323 posted...

Please name those FPS games that were better than Halo at that time.
I swear, if you start naming those arena type shooters, I will puke.

Although Quake 3: Arena and Unreal Tournament *are* excellent examples of FPS games that came out before Halo and were substantially superior to it, they're not necessary when compiling a list of better FPS games. For that, you can point to Half-Life or pretty much any of its vast array of mods (Counter Strike, Day of Defeat, Rocket Crowbar, Natural Selection, Action Half-Life), the Descent games (man, 6 degrees of freedom games would throw console FPS players for such a loop), Goldeneye, Perfect Dark... I think you could put up a compelling argument for Turok, although these days its movement is trying a little TOO hard to be immersive with limited technology. Battlefield 1942, of course.

The list goes on. Halo was really only remarkable for being a console FPS that wasn't awful.

User Info: XeroShinobi

4 years ago#63
Halo 4 has the best MP the franchise has ever seen, that is when it's not lagging horribly. The game mechanics are the most refined. I like the utility of the different customizable abilities too. I kind of wish everyone started with everything for the sake of absolute balance, but the progression is a lot less obnoxious than the industry standard.
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User Info: wild361

4 years ago#64
Anyone that thinks this plays anything like CoD, other than the fact you can shoot stuff, clearly has never played Halo 4 or has never played a single CoD.

As someone who plays both, they couldn't be anymore different and be in the same genre. For the record, I like most people am loving Halo 4.
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User Info: Bloodmoon77

4 years ago#65
Oh look more people whining about their precious Halo being changed. Be happy there even is a Halo 4. Change is good, and you can always go back and play your favorite Halo another time.
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User Info: matt-nicklin

4 years ago#66
I just wish the warthog was the only vehicle in big team, or even on 4v4 like halo 3 had on stand off awesome times.
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User Info: quarantine52

4 years ago#67
The game does have some CoD elements, but still gives off the complete halo feel and gameplay. Even all the pro player are loving most of the changes (A lot more then they did Reach).

All of the people that are hating should just drop the game. Go back and trade it in, the community will do fine without you. Give someone else who is waiting for it used a chance to enjoy what you are too blind to see. I swear most of you guys whine more then ex girlfriends.
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User Info: JigSawX

4 years ago#68
Its not like halo at has perks,killstreaks,sprint,xp,kill cams,laodouts. so much robbed that i am surprised activision is suing. it doesn't have that halo feel,no marty soundtrack and terrible enemy designs.

User Info: TheTrueHanyou

4 years ago#69
343 hired Austin, Texas-based development house Certain Affinity to help out with modes, maps and map-creation tool Forge. Why? The company was founded by Max Hoberman, who spent a decade at Bungie, crafting the Halo series’ multiplayer experience.

Certain Affinity is also responsible for working on MP sections of recent Call of Duty games.


So if you are thinking Halo is starting to act like CoD & Vice Versa thats because they are! It's stupid to say you like one over the other, or one but not the other, because GUESS WHAT!? The Multiplayer was Co-Developed for both by a company founded by an Ex-Bungie member!
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User Info: lderivedx

4 years ago#70
So we still have Bungie to blame for terrible maps.
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