This game is awful...

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User Info: povlitzki

5 years ago#71
SexPantherPanda posted...
Halo peaked at 3 it was all down hill from there, the success of call of duty led to its downfall. With that said the single player has been fun.

The success of call of duty? CoD has been nothing but downhill since MW2, if you ask me this game is way more fun then ANY cod game to date, dont get me wrong it is nothing like Halo 3... but its definetly no where near a CoD game at all

User Info: lderivedx

5 years ago#72
Yeah, CoD is becoming less successful by breaking sales records every year.
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User Info: SunDevil77

5 years ago#73
God this site sucks sometimes.
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User Info: Acr_Bushmaster

5 years ago#74
demollyon posted...
Acr_Bushmaster posted...
xHughJasx posted...
This Halo is in no way like CoD. Stop riding the bandwagon and think for yourself for once you puppet.

343 clearly took the CoD route, you're either blind or an obvious Halo fanboy.

Probably the latter.

EDIT: And personally I think there is nothing wrong with that, CoD is a fun game.

Your sig. I love it. Nevemore is the best bane ever and born their best song.

Hell yeah :)
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User Info: The_Beanster

5 years ago#75
YoshiKid115 posted...
SexPantherPanda posted...
The people that love this game are not true halofanatics they are people waiting for Big Black Ops 2.

You seem to be upset that people have different opinions than you.

Stay mad.

Pretty much this. I'm loving Halo 4. Won't know yet for hundreds more games if I think it's as good as H2/H3, but it's sooooooooooo much better than the boring poo-fest that was Reach that I don't care.

The game plays nothing like CoD outside of the "you have to actually unlock some things by playing a lot" part. I agree that's dumb and they should have just had everything unlocked from the beginning, but it's not a big deal. It's not like they made the BR/DMR only available after 40 hours of play, or made sniper/rockets available as starting weapons for people who have played a lot.
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User Info: Pitcher4

5 years ago#76
SunDevil77 posted...
God this site sucks sometimes.
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User Info: jrbeerman11

5 years ago#77
JigSawX posted...
Its not like halo at has perks,killstreaks,sprint,xp,kill cams,laodouts. so much robbed that i am surprised activision is suing. it doesn't have that halo feel,no marty soundtrack and terrible enemy designs.

Cod invented xp? And never borrowed ANYTHING from halo? Stay classy gamefaqs.

User Info: SquigglyJustice

5 years ago#78
I dont think CoD games are bad, I mean at their core they run at 60fps, handle snappily and the actual shooting is satisfying. It's just it has played that way since cod4 and each game has such minor changes it hardly feels different. It seems the only risks they seem to be taking is Treyarch with Zombies.
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User Info: The_Archduke

5 years ago#79
lderivedx posted...
So we still have Bungie to blame for terrible maps.

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User Info: OmegaPillow

5 years ago#80
dmack316 posted...
I don't get how COD got so popular. I've watched my cousin play Black Ops and I was bored in the first half hour. My co worker convinced me to buy COD 4 when that was the new thing because a bunch of people at my worked played together each night. I popped it in that night and started playing with them and I was bored within the first hour. I traded in the game 2 days later. At least Halo is set in a fantasy futuristic world so nothing is really too outragous for them to do. From my understanding, the COD games try to keep it realistic with the real world. That's all well and good but how much room is there to do something different in the next game and so on? In Halo you can have crazy monsters and unrealistic war ships because it's all fiction. I think the weakest in the Halo series is by far ODST. I like Halo Wars better than that game.

Its an easy game, most casual games sell like hotcakes
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