I'm sorry, but I legitimately have to ask this question to the fanbase.

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User Info: redeadlink

4 years ago#51
bearded_moose posted...
i wanna dual wield promethean suppressors

Good God, you just blew my mind.

RI hasn't died, and CE is beating us in the same way that Africa is beating North America in number of malaria patients.
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User Info: X_ProwL

4 years ago#52
Halo 3 was never bad, People just got annoyed after a year because of the exploits.
Also being paired up with awful team mates killed your rating.

Reach is easily the most polished but hated because of lol random bloom and armor lock.
Seriously, All we needed with no more bloom in every mode and no more armor lock.

Now we have this mess of a game.
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User Info: ZombiDeadZombi

4 years ago#53
IcyFlamez96 posted...
Halo 3 multiplayer > Halo 2 multiplayer

Only bad kids liked H3 because it was the least skilled based of the halo games at the time of its rise. When nubs didn't have to worry about being 3 shotted or double shotted across map they have more fun.

Only bad kids like H2 because it was the least skill based Halo game at the time of H3's rise.

Super heavy aim assist sweeping and BxR/BxB? Get out of here with that cheap ass crap.

I loved H2's MP, but to say it took more skill than H3 is retarded

User Info: xTreefiddy350x

4 years ago#54
^What? Halo 2 definitely took more skill than Halo 3.

User Info: HearshotKid86

4 years ago#55
The_High posted...
It's called Fighting Games syndrome (Alternately Series Syndrome, Street Fighter Syndrome, CAPCOM Syndrome, or Final Fantasy Syndrome).

Essentially it boils down to everyone hating the latest release of a series, while maintaining the absolute perfection of the previous entry.

Once Halo 5 comes out 4 will be called a classic and everyone will hate 5.


How many fanboys claim there hasn't been a good FF since 7?

There will always be jaded gamers who think their day was the best.

I still think BF2 was the best game ever 5 or 6 years ago, BF 3 is good, but theres just not that nostalgic feeling, which is something you will never get. Thats what gamers think is missing, its not the game, its the time in which it was played.

Now ODST....that was crap
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User Info: That1Guyy

4 years ago#56
The people that thought Halo 2 was best trashed on 3 when it came out, and they still do. The people that thought 3 was better than 2 when it came out still do.

This isn't hard to understand.
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4 years ago#57
Fade_Chokes posted...
Since when was Halo 3 EVER considered a good game?! I come to this board ans people are harking left and right about Halo 3. I know, opinions and all, but last time I checked the consensus was that Halo 3 was garbage and the worst in the series.

So now Reach gets the hate now?! I find the whole thing ridiculous, is this board just crowded with kids that started with H3?! I've been playing since CE and its almost laughable when people actually say 3 was the best in the series.

I enjoyed 3 the most, and have owned every single Halo game ever made --- including Halo Wars --- but yes, you're somewhat right... Most people (at least that I've seen on this website) seemed to view Halo 3 as a poor game, and Halo 2's multiplayer as the best --- which is why I was out of the loop on that whole issue, with 3 being my favorite...
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User Info: SandOnMyBoot

4 years ago#58
I'm a bit surprised. I noticed quite a backlash against Halo 3 after it had been out a couple months.

User Info: Spartan72

4 years ago#59
Halo 3 was always good wtf lol.
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User Info: Ghost_Turtle

4 years ago#60
The ONLY reason I ever hated Halo 3 was when the game first came out. I hate it when things change and I was in love with H2. 3 came and I just hated the maps. I eventually got used to it and now I rank H3 up there with H2 when it comes to mulitplayer fun factor in the prime of those games. Reach I could never get used to/adapt. I thought Reach would be like H3 and the fun would eventually sink in but it never happened.
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  3. I'm sorry, but I legitimately have to ask this question to the fanbase.

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