Multiplayer modes you want added?

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User Info: YAYSAY

5 years ago#21
Lone Wolfs

User Info: deepshadow4125

5 years ago#22
Swat, Firefight and Grifball mostly.
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User Info: razzle170286

5 years ago#23


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User Info: Kevfactor

5 years ago#24
borderlands/gears of war pug co-op :)

User Info: ajko000

5 years ago#25
furykidd posted...
ajko000 posted...
Laser Tag

It's like SWAT, but 1 shot kills no matter the area you hit, and headshots, assassinations, and melee are disabled.

You start with a Plasma Pistol, and you can find Carbines, Light Rifles, Beam Rifles, Storm Rifles, Suppressors, Needlers, and the Promethean Sniper, I forgot what it was called.

I used to make these all the time in Customs, and for the most part people enjoyed the intensity of it. It seems to be getting better with each release though, easier to make, balance, and play that is.

Sounds fun, but why would headshots be disabled if one shot kills no matter where you hit?

It takes out the annoying "Well idc cuz I'm bettor than u cuz I can headshot u!" pro talk garbage. It basically prevents the prestige from getting a headshot, because some people treat them like diamonds.
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User Info: chamber29

5 years ago#26
Solid_Mike86 posted...


and FFA mixed bag of games, not just regicide...

User Info: NauticalDisasta

5 years ago#27
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User Info: Stixx32

5 years ago#28
I miss assault. That needs to come back ASAP!
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User Info: Silentbob711

5 years ago#29
Multi team
Team snipers
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User Info: YAYSAY

5 years ago#30
And Action Sack
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