Amazon sent me an extra LE Console

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User Info: Shuyin Kojima

Shuyin Kojima
4 years ago#21
It is their mistake, but the right thing to do would be to contact them about it.
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User Info: lron_Spiderman

4 years ago#22
Shuyin Kojima posted...
It is their mistake, but the right thing to do would be to contact them about it.

Agreed, we want to set a good example here for the people who lack morals contact Amazon let them know before they contact you, which would be embarrassing;

Amazon - Hey we sent you this product by accident

You - Oh really! I didn't notice

Amazon -........ We need it to be sent back or we will charge you sir

You - Oh fudge! I knew I shouldn't of taken advice from those deranged people on Gamerfaqs.

Coming from both a retail and insurance back ground someone always has to pay whether it's them, another party, you or all of the above someone will.

Me my conscience would get the better of me.

User Info: raw_meta4

4 years ago#23
i didnt sign for the package they just left it.

User Info: Frost_LASER

4 years ago#24
Agreed. I work in a pharmacy and one of the trucks that delivers medication to a different store lost some of the medication because the driver didn't properly close the door. A person later walked in with a box full of narcotics that he found on the road and gave them to us, the seals on each bottle were intact to. So we later had it delivered to the correct pharmacy.

User Info: NightTerrorX99

4 years ago#25
You'd better send it back. If it was just a game or something with small value then you'd probably get away with it. But seeing that this is item in particular is all about stock number they'll most likely catch it, and they will be in the right even if it is, like someone said, six months later.
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User Info: raw_meta4

4 years ago#26
AgentGabeLogan posted...
I'm betting he doesnt really have an extra console (Or one for that matter) and hes just trolling you all. Well played

Making me look like a troll by claiming I'm a troll....Well played good sir...well played.

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User Info: Sniper_Brosef

4 years ago#27
raw_meta4 posted...
i havent even opened the package. and if i'm selling it, It needs be sold in its entirety, codes and all. to the guy who said i should call Amazon, not happening. they can contact me for it if the want it. otherwise, im lettin this thing sit in my closet till the end of the month. then I'm selling this thing.

You need to return it! If and when they figure it out then this is, essentially, fraud...which, if im not mistaken, is a felony! Dont risk it for a couple hundred bucks....just return it!
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User Info: Phantom0708

4 years ago#28
Gotta love all the people begging for codes

Freaking PIRAHNAS man

Like someone said, wait a month, if you don't get contacted, sell it or give it to a buddy who doesn't have one for Christmas, or a family member
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User Info: Surv1valism

4 years ago#29
Can pretty much guarantee they will charge when they catch it, Same thing happened to me with a game a yearish back, I had gave the extra to a friend and about a week later bam charged for it
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User Info: sanfran162

4 years ago#30
we ordered a $100 rocking horse thing for my son when he was little, but cancelled the order like the next day....but just like you, about a week later rocking horse showed up at our house and our bank account showed they refunded our money and never charged us for it.

2 years later and they never charged us, or inquired about it. That was not as big of a store as toys r us tho, so it really just depends on if they catch the error or not.
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