Amazon sent me an extra LE Console

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User Info: bcon1208

5 years ago#31
Send it back. You don't want the headache of having this come back at you. Whether you're an ethical person or not, it's the right and legal thing to do.
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User Info: NightTerrorX99

5 years ago#32
raw_meta4 posted...
i didnt sign for the package they just left it.

Most delivery services do.
Are you simply trying to fool yourself into thinking not returning it is justified?
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User Info: thisawesomedude

5 years ago#33
Pokemon_Rocker posted...
raw_meta4 posted...
not really extra. I ordered it but i cancelled it as soon as they charged my card and then pushed back my delivery date to the 8th. I pressured them into releasing the hold on my account so i could get an immediate refund and then that same day(6th) i lucked up and bought the only LE console toys r us had. after I bought it. i got an email saying my bank accountwas in the negative and that amazon had charged my account again. I called Amazon and yelled at them,they told me i cancelled my 1st order but my second order had not been cancelled. I told them i didnt have a second order, I only had one that hadnt been shipped and that there should be notes on my account stating that i cancelled said order and that I was to be refunded. They apollogized about the extra charge, and that they could see the notes on my account and that they would refund my money immediately. They did. the next day however, when i got home from work, the console was sitting at my house. I checked my bank account and hadnt been charged, money had been refunded and i still have the amazon order here. obviously i dont need 2 halo consoles. and i dont think they know they sent it by mistake. ordinarily, i would keep this thing without hesitation, but idk.... should i keep it? if i keep it im going to sell it of course. but i dont wanna do anything just yet, just in case they realize their error and want it back. i havent even opened it yet. what do you guys think? i know what the ethical thing is to do, but im not exactly the most ethical person either

But the correct thing to do would be to call them and let them know, then send it back

I would normally agree with you but were talking a corporation here. Not a mom and pop or someone who lost something out of pocket. I would wait for them to see their fault. They screwed up, not you. But yeah if you don't hear anything in the month....its yours.
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User Info: LoneWolf4545

5 years ago#34
The stupid thing to do would be to keep it. I mean if you want to take the risk of them 4 or 5 months from now asking about it then go ahead. The amount of money you could lose is a lot more than what you will make on it.

And it doesn't matter if you didn't sign for it.
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User Info: MorePhaze

5 years ago#35
I'll take it off your hands for 150$.

User Info: raw_meta4

5 years ago#36
NightTerrorX99 posted...
raw_meta4 posted...
i didnt sign for the package they just left it.

Most delivery services do.
Are you simply trying to fool yourself into thinking not returning it is justified?

I have no illusions of what the situation is. like i said, i know what the right thing to do is. I just dont do the right thing in every situation. This is a situation where I'm choosing not to call amazon. They can contact me, but if its been sold by the time they do, then i never recieved a delivery from them. and if a package was left at a house, it wasnt mine. My signature isnt on anything. I cancelled my order before it shipped.

User Info: raw_meta4

5 years ago#37
MorePhaze posted...
I'll take it off your hands for 150$.


User Info: Schwub

5 years ago#38
Yeah, a similar thing happened. I ordered an mp3 player that costs 300 dollars that I had a one day shipping for. It said delivered but I told them I never received it. Later on I actually picked it up and they also refunded me entirely. I called them up to charge me the 300 dollars again.

User Info: MVNeo

5 years ago#39
I only read the OP, but if a corporation sends you something, it's yours. Don't let anybody tell you you're stealing it by keeping it or some BS.

User Info: darkdragongirl

5 years ago#40
I got an extra, and cancelled copy of UFC 3. They emailed me a week later saying to return it or I'd be charged. Wait until next week to see if you're in the clear.
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