Amazon sent me an extra LE Console

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User Info: bigybri

4 years ago#51
"M...heal", thanks for answering my question. I'm a little inexperienced with online shopping, believe it or not, I like to go to the Gamestores and browse. I know you can browse on the web, but like the TC's issue: returning merchandise isn't apparently easy.

I have no doubt Amazon will make this as painless as possible. ie. paying for return shipping costs and write it off as a cost of doing business.

Another suggestion to TC, maybe you can call around to local stores (assuming there are any) and ask: What is their return policy is for unopened merchandise?. Is this reasonable solution for at least a store credit? I'm sure getting a cash refund with no receipt is not an option, but much easier.
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User Info: AgentGabeLogan

4 years ago#52
From: Satchmo25 | #050
AgentGabeLogan posted...
I'm betting he doesnt really have an extra console (Or one for that matter) and hes just trolling you all. Well played

This was my first thought, but these things can and do happen.

Then I saw the post about him not signing for it and the delivery service just leaving it there. Definitely trolling, that's as fake as it gets.

Yeah definitely.
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User Info: Hiddenlegend12

4 years ago#53
You do know that just because you did not sign for it, they DO have proof that the package made it to your house.

I would just return it, as previously stated, this can and will come back on you.
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User Info: Neo Vejiita

Neo Vejiita
4 years ago#54
Hiddenlegend12 posted...
You do know that just because you did not sign for it, they DO have proof that the package made it to your house.

I would just return it, as previously stated, this can and will come back on you.

Because packages sitting outside houses never get stolen. I hate when delivery companies just leave things. I'd rather get a notice and go pick it up myself. One time I had ordered from newegg and the delivery person left it on the porch in the snow and it got wrecked :(
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User Info: BalisticWarri0r

4 years ago#55
Similar thing happened to me with a pair of 350 dollar Oakley sunglasses. They never asked about the second pair.

User Info: Blitzkrieg182

4 years ago#56
fiasco86 posted...
How about you avoid potential problems and be honest and send it back?

Especially now that you let the world know what happened. Something like this should be kept secret. Better hope some nerd doesn't alert Amazon with your ip address attached .

User Info: weride2die

4 years ago#57
Kageblade23 posted...
raw_meta4 posted...
yeah, 'cause im in the habbit of giving things away for free. Im not amazon buddy. but seriously folks, if this has happened to anyone else before I'd value your input

well this hasnt exactly happened to me although... (not the most ethical thing ive done) went to gamestop on the launch of RE6 bought SE strategy guide when the opened the night before i believe at like 10 or so she gave me the strategy guide after paying for it before the games release when i came back at about 12 to pickup Re6 the guy had asked me if i got the strategy guide not only had i told him that yes i had gotten it but, him me and the lady i purchased it from was chatting about it prior he then proceded to grab the game from the back a regular strategy guide and i watched him stick it in the bag he then proceeded to hand the bag to me and stamp my receipt saying i picked up said pre-ordered item and i then walked out iwth a free extra RE6 Sg its not a console or anything but i think its sorta relevant :)

Oh my gosh, put some commas and periods in here. This gave me a headache just trying to read this.
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User Info: MrSty

4 years ago#58
Go alpha. Sell it.

On Amazon.
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User Info: fiasco86

4 years ago#59
MVNeo posted...
I only read the OP, but if a corporation sends you something, it's yours. Don't let anybody tell you you're stealing it by keeping it or some BS.

> Implying that because the error was made by the corporation he isn't stealing
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User Info: superfatalkid

4 years ago#60
Something similar happened to me once when i ordered Phantasy Star Online. They sent me 2 by mistake and never asked for the second one back, so 2 weeks later i gave it to my friend.
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