Amazon sent me an extra LE Console

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User Info: HellsController

4 years ago#71
MrSty posted...
MyBRbackfired posted...
I own my own house. And my bank account wouldn't be empty purchasing a gaming console. Tc should save money for more important things than videogames.

ITP: if you live paycheck to paycheck than you shouldn't be allowed to spend money on hobbies.

Tc also can't be young apparently.
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User Info: easye609

4 years ago#72
raw_meta4 posted...
NightTerrorX99 posted...
raw_meta4 posted...
i didnt sign for the package they just left it.

Most delivery services do.
Are you simply trying to fool yourself into thinking not returning it is justified?

I have no illusions of what the situation is. like i said, i know what the right thing to do is. I just dont do the right thing in every situation. This is a situation where I'm choosing not to call amazon. They can contact me, but if its been sold by the time they do, then i never recieved a delivery from them. and if a package was left at a house, it wasnt mine. My signature isnt on anything. I cancelled my order before it shipped.

There are plenty of instances where a signature is not required especially if it was USPS. If they can not prove a successful delivery then they can not prove you have it in any way shape or form. I had a delivered package stolen from in from of my apt. door. It had said delivered at front door. I called them. I called the delivery company and I got a new item. So in all reality there is a very high chance that you can get away with this especially if you are not lying about it just being left at your front door.
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User Info: Raider0996

4 years ago#73
Pokemon_Rocker posted...
Then they contact you after, asking about it. They can and will contact the delivery company which was used, and get info if they did send to your house or not. Then they will ask for the item back. If you dont have it, because you sold, they can send you to court.

This. If the second one (delivered one) wasn't actually ordered then you are either obligated to notify the merchant (Amazon) of the mistake or pay them. There are many legal precedents here and any number of angles could be worked.

Your specific performance would be to pay, however you have declined to fulfill the contract under the intent that it was a mistake. However if you keep the item then you are overturning the rejection of the contract by silence as assent. They have provided you with a product, and if you keep it without informing them (more specifically without paying) then this could constitute silence as fraud. Legally, you are required to speak the truth and act in good faith when a known mistake is made or you'd be required to pay restitution to Amazon because contract law dictates that no one party can be unjustly enriched at the expense of another.

Like I said there are many legal precedents and angles that could be worked and applied to this case and this is all part of standard contract law. Not acting in good faith (keeping the item without any notification to the merchant) will most likely result in a case of fraud imo. There's no telling whether or not Amazon will notice or even press the issue but no court within the US would ever rule in your favour and simply going to court whether you've committed a tort or not is a hassle and annoying. Spare yourself the waste of time because, according to law, you are in the wrong but you can still avoid having to pay anything by contacting them within a reasonable amount of time (ie soon).
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User Info: LinkIsSpartan

4 years ago#74
when they are counting stock they will go through all the records. Id say u got a 75% of getting caught. They would see your name on the records and show 2 consoles ordered, but only received money for one, even if its cancelled. I worked at a online store, i know how this works. What you do is up to you.
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User Info: levyjl1988

4 years ago#75
I remember reading something like this on Reddit but with the Microsoft store. Some huy got 2 xbox 360s when he ordered 1. He called up Microsoft and Microsoft said to keep the other xbox and give it as a gift. Rare things done by companies like this. Either way it's up to you.

And for you ppl asking for fotus armor shame on you. IF you're desperate for it buy the Halo 4 LE Console take out the code and return it. Jeez.
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User Info: Raider0996

4 years ago#76
levyjl1988 posted...
I remember reading something like this on Reddit but with the Microsoft store. Some huy got 2 xbox 360s when he ordered 1. He called up Microsoft and Microsoft said to keep the other xbox and give it as a gift. Rare things done by companies like this. Either way it's up to you.

That would be him (the offeree) acting in good faith. So Microsoft could not ever seek action against him. If he had remained silent, they could have. Microsoft often gives away items for free with little or no questions asked; but this thread is about Amazon so I really wouldn't risk it.
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User Info: fiasco86

4 years ago#77
MrSty posted...
fiasco86 posted...
MVNeo posted...
I only read the OP, but if a corporation sends you something, it's yours. Don't let anybody tell you you're stealing it by keeping it or some BS.

> Implying that because the error was made by the corporation he isn't stealing

He's not stealing. They gave it to him. Stop being so dramatic.

They didn't give it to him. This wasn't a gift. It was a mistake. Amazon's Xbox was left on his porch by accident and rather than returning it, he kept it. If a friend brought something to your house and forgot to bring it home and you keep it rather than reminding him, effectively you have stolen from him. He didn't give it to you. Whether or not he realizes it's missing and asks for it back, the item is still his and most certainly is not yours. That is stealing no matter how you slice it. It's a crime of opportunity.
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User Info: bigybri

4 years ago#78
Reading TC's post, I'm still not sure how 2 of the exact items got into TC's shopping cart.

What happened to me, I was shopping there about 5 years ago, and in the column of my shopping cart, there appeared: loosley quote: "buy these 2 items and get free shipping"

Now, I was buying these 2 items and low and behold an extra came of 1 of the items. Is this what happend, TC?

For this reason I've been Amazon shy ever since becasue they always want you to buy more and place merchandise in buyer's shopping cart.

Also, when Gamfaqs went down last week say: 11/1/12, a message came up saying: ""these boards were using'm database engine"". Does monitor these boards or have the right to monitor these boards?
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