Going to get flamed but...

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User Info: Admiral_Xyes

5 years ago#11
The campaign is not bad but it didn't pull me in like I usually get pulled in.

User Info: Damien 5000

Damien 5000
5 years ago#12
AyumiSqueezetoy posted...
Damien 5000 posted...
Nope. Been in ever level since. And I hate them. The wolf things aren't bad, because you can headshot them. But the Knights are just exhausting. You pump whole magazines in them, then they teleport away.

Did you mess around with some different tactics?
Like shotguns >_>

I can never find a shotgun or scattergun, and when I do, my ammo is limited. I'm only on the level Shutdown. I might get luckier later. But my tactic lately is either needler to victory, or Plasma grenade+storm rifle to victory.
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User Info: deimos91

5 years ago#13
Extraspectre posted...
The Promethean parts are pretty bad (because they are not fun to fight). The rest was decent.

agreed in the early fights they dont provide alot of equipment to take them buthalfway through infinity they become a cakewalk once u get railguns/scattershot etc more often
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