So out of SWAT

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User Info: TwilightPlague

4 years ago#1
What else do you wish to return?
I loved the layouts of Reaches BTB tbh. It had a whole lot more action IMO.
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User Info: Go2Church

4 years ago#2
Doubles and Multi team. And not Reachs Multi team, halo 3 style.
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User Info: BANDlCOOT

4 years ago#3
SWAT is awful.

I want Team Snipers, MLG and Fiesta.
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User Info: JeremyX103

4 years ago#4
Then don't play it. Lot's of people like SWAT. Myself included. I want SWAT back, along with Grifball (I dunno how without a clean forge map, why they left that out is beyond me) and a new version of Firefight. I know we have SpOps, which is badass, but I want firefight with these new enemies along with the Covies.
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User Info: flarecon

4 years ago#5
team snipers, multi-team and I doubt invasion would happen. but it was a really enjoyable game type.

User Info: Special-Edd

4 years ago#6
Team Snipers for sure. I am so rusty with the sniper at the moment that I usually let other people pick it up. Team Snipers was a great way to practice my sniping skills.
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User Info: LoneWolf4545

4 years ago#7
BTB. I would be surprised if this isn't added in the first couple of playlist updates.
Gt: swkids

User Info: zerobobo

4 years ago#8
big team objective.
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