"God grants you one wish... To turn back the time..." 8 years ago today ='(

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User Info: metalclash

5 years ago#21
I feel the same way about halo 3, the life stuff nah bro. I'm still in college
i'm excited for customs in h4

User Info: rubthetip

5 years ago#22
It isn't nostalgia, Halo 2 is still an absolutely incredible multiplayer game. It had the best maps of the series, the weapon placement was perfect, and every match was an absolute blast to play. If they gave us the option to play Halo 4, or Halo 2 with a graphics upgrade, nobody would be playing Halo 4 anymore. You can't throw the term nostalgia around for things that aren't even a decade old. I'm nostalgic for certain N64 and NES games, but if I play some of them now they are a mess, but Halo 2 had trueskill online matchmaking, full voice chat, modern gameplay mechanics, and graphics that still hold up today.

User Info: MasterEchu

5 years ago#23
My advice is simple, as I've dealt with it myself.
Looking at what you used to have can hurt...instead, look at the times you laughed, and all the great people you use to have. And when you feel like crying, look around at the people you have that care about you, and run to them to cry.

There is always at least one thing worth protecting, ONE thing worth fighting for more than anything else. You have to let go of your resentments, get rid of your pain, even if you have to cry and cry and cry. Forget it all and look in front of you, not to a future you can't see but to the people in front of you ready to smile for you.
I can't say what it is, but there is something or someone worth smiling for, let go of your pain, your resentment, your feelings at this moment, and think about what it is thats important, not from your past, but right now. You will find that thing
Morality is not fleeting, games or alternate realities will not change what is right and wrong if you reallly belive in them.
Yes my spelling stinks, quiet!

User Info: ssj5goku2005

5 years ago#24
Damn TC that's a depressing speech

While I agree no game will ever match the feel or fun of Halo 2...Halo 4 is matching the fun I had during the Halo 3 days at least...in that almost all of my friends got Halo 4 and I'm always getting invited to play...when Reach came out only like 2 of my friends got it...and with Call of Duty being the game everyone played...I thought those days were gone
not changing this sig until i feel like it - started 6.23.2009

User Info: MarkGasoreo23

5 years ago#25
akanakin posted...
Nice Coheed & Cambria reference, OP.

I just saw them live a few weeks ago.

KazamA87 posted...
^^this guy beat me to it, nice Time Consumer referance

SSTB was my favorite album when I was 14-15 and will always have a special place in my heart, plus that lyric always resonated with me so I felt it was appropriate to use it here.
Dance between the scissors blades, without getting cut

User Info: MarkGasoreo23

5 years ago#26
PharoahPelican posted...

At least you got married and have friends. I went through college, tried my best to have a social life, failed miserably, and now I can't even land a job that isn't a POS minimum wage thing that I could have done if I had dropped out of high school, and because I went to college I have so much debt that I can't even move out on my own at 23 years old. Be thankful for what you have.

I sympathize. Though you may not be able to understand because you are not married, it is probably the biggest mistake I have made in my life, literally the only positive is there are no children yet who would suffer because of our marital problems. While technically I have friends, I never actually see them (maybe once or twice a year), we are all spread out and hardly keep in contact anymore and I assume eventually out of sight means out of mind and we will grow more and more distant. Also I don't know your situation with your family and while I probably would not want to move back in with my parents, I am states away from them and my brother now and I miss them something fierce. I also am right there with you on the debt and I cannot quit my miserable job because I have to pay back loans for the next 15-20 years.
Dance between the scissors blades, without getting cut

User Info: ChikinSloat

5 years ago#27
I think it's half nostalgia and half Halo 2 just being a fantastic game.

If more people played customs and made good remakes (and if 343 gave us the ability to turn off sprinting in game modes) then I think we could get Halo 4 feeling a lot like 2

User Info: JohnWall32

5 years ago#28
because your 8 years older...almost everything is less fun now than it was back then

User Info: Illusso

5 years ago#29
Some kid right now at 16 years old is playin halo 4 and in 8 years will be saying the same thing as you tc . Everything is more fun at 16 w friends and no work

User Info: JohnWall32

5 years ago#30
I'm just glad the highlight of my teen years wasn't playing video games...didn't start this hobby until my 20's.
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