what maps you WANT to see back

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User Info: weezergabe

4 years ago#41

User Info: point2blank

4 years ago#42
Holy ****, just looked at the wiki for Halo 2 maps and goddamn, almost every map was awesome and fun to play. Just bring them all back, almost every single one of them is infinitely better than any single map we've gotten since.

User Info: VanUltima

4 years ago#43
The pit, sand trap, blackout, guardian, and narrows. But tbh haven feels like narrows and guardian mixed together. Oh and we need a larger forge map to make some nice btb maps with.
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User Info: aredd007

4 years ago#44
Asphalt and Hemorrhage

User Info: myheart

4 years ago#45
Lockout, Zanzibar, Headlong & Ivory.

User Info: DepictingMenace

4 years ago#46
I never played CE.

I played very little 2 but would like the map with the giant turning thing.

I would be okay if every single Halo 3 map was remade minus Snowbound. Specifically, my favorites were Guardian, The Pit, Isolation, and I forgot. The gold map that had three levels.

All of the Reach maps can be burned. Its possible that there was one good map but I'm repressing Reach so I don't remember.

User Info: slord23

4 years ago#47
lokiv posted...
Shrug. I don't care because the maps are so bad for 4v4 that I'm turning it in.

I was just hoping for better then Reach and I find I enjoy them a lot less. I'll try again with Halo 5.

Wow, at least give the game a chance. It has been out for less than a week, and you would be missing out on a great game by turning it in.
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