Why do my loadouts reset after I turn the game back on?

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  3. Why do my loadouts reset after I turn the game back on?

User Info: mbowsher76

4 years ago#1
I have noticed when I come back to play after being off for a few hours my custom loadouts reset to default. Anyone else have this problem and anyone have a solution to fix this?

User Info: Who_ate_the_pie

4 years ago#2
That happened to me on the second day I played this game. It only ever happened that one time though.
I don't care.

User Info: deberallycat

4 years ago#3
The load out resetting Just happened to me too. Seems this is glitchy if not more then any other halo game.Reach multiplayer is better but i still like this.Reach gives you time to react if someone is behind you or they get the drop on you,in halo 4 you basically have no chance.People say reach is slower gameplay and that is not true the gameplay is just as fast but it takes a few more shots to kill someone.They basically wanted a call of duty halo game and thats what they made.Reach also has cleaner brighter graphics and better animations that are easier to see.There is such thing as pushing the graphics too much and they might have over sharpened them in halo 4.Plus halo 4 is not as powerful feeling,when doing stuff in reach it had a powerful feeling like rocket launchers,sword swipes and beat downs but halo 4 feels weaker with weaker sounds.The controls are also smoother on reach.I like how halo 4 does not have the cheap armor lock and you can't betray.Some things are better then reach and some are worse.
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  3. Why do my loadouts reset after I turn the game back on?

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