Wth how is everyone already over SR-30 o_0

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User Info: somebody336

5 years ago#1
Does everyone that plays Halo constantly drink Mountain Dew???

User Info: Veluxier

5 years ago#2
Im SR25 and I have only been playing Spartan Ops without double xp.

It's quite easy to level up.
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User Info: UnknownSuspect

5 years ago#3
Not hard to reach SR30 >.>
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User Info: Halo3GAMEFREAK

5 years ago#4
No, I think it's just people putting in a lot of hours into the game. I have a friend on my list who's an SR-32, and I'm pretty sure he's never used the double xp codes.
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User Info: Eagles931

5 years ago#5
Yeah I just hit SR-30 today, it didn't seem too hard to me
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User Info: BansheeNTDmode

5 years ago#6
SR 42 and yup drinking all that mountain dew. Plus online xp limit cap is removed each day at midnight, so i keep gaming

User Info: metalclash

5 years ago#7
Spartan ops and dewxp is crazy fast. people get like 10k per game like that
i'm excited for customs in h4

User Info: zerobobo

5 years ago#8
you level REAL fast.

User Info: LinkIsSpartan

5 years ago#9
im sr-29 and ive been playing a few hours a day since launch...like maybe 3-4 hours a day? not much...and without double xp either.
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User Info: xxghost12xx

5 years ago#10
SR-36 only used one Dew code.
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