Wth how is everyone already over SR-30 o_0

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User Info: chucky8913

4 years ago#41
metalclash posted...
Spartan ops and dewxp is crazy fast. people get like 10k per game like that

Pretty much this. My last 6 double xp Op's were for exactly 11900 xp per game. Only takes 9 minutes tops.
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User Info: WaLuigiTails

4 years ago#42
Im on SR 46 but I cant go pass it and im not even getting the limit cap message.Im stuck on 25507/39640 and my cap just reset 2 hours ago.
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GT: WaLuigiTails

User Info: UnknownSuspect

4 years ago#43
Literally SR 27 now.
57 games, 35 wins
7:41 in matchmaking
Spartan Ops 5/5 solo 2:19

Really is not hard to level up at all. Also no Double XP codes.
"Nothin' like a good scrubbin'!" - deathsyte05
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User Info: squidgy617

4 years ago#44
SR-32, only used four Dew caps.

My supervisor at work drinks alot of Dew and has decided to leave all his caps on his desk, literally for me to take home and use. Its pretty awesome.

User Info: BackroomToaster

4 years ago#45
haven't used a dew code 31. PLayed for about 8 hours since it came out till saturday and then I've been playing for ten.

User Info: Lerthyr

4 years ago#46
I don't drink Mountain Dew for the codes. I enjoy the taste and the codes are merely a plus. I also enjoy making my **** shrink over the years.
GT: Lerthyr
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4 years ago#47
Im like a level 33 or something, and the answer to your question is because...

I am awesome, and a World Class video game competitor...
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User Info: SpiduxLimitless

4 years ago#48
I'm SR 17, and I've only played it for a few hours 2 different days. I've actually been playing WWE'13 a lot.
They call me Spoke Wrecker...
Thizz iz what it iz GT-Spidux

User Info: Master_Arbiter4

4 years ago#49
Level 35.
Solo'd Legendary Campaign already
Solo'd first 5 Spartan Ops Legendary already.
Not used A SINGLE DoubleXP code.
It really isn't that hard, I only have 1 day 4-6 hours played on multiplayer.
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User Info: Molt_CcCoy

4 years ago#50
I'm sitting at 43 on the way to 44 but I hit cap so I quit playing for tonight. I'll pick it up again tomorrow when I have a some free time.

FYI to everyone I go to school full time and work 30~ hours a week as well so don't insinuate I don't have a life. I just don't sleep much lol
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