Wth how is everyone already over SR-30 o_0

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User Info: Asuryan1990

5 years ago#51
How do you get a lot of xp from spartan ops I only usually get 2900
Live GT: Asuryan


5 years ago#52
Molt_CcCoy posted...
I'm sitting at 43 on the way to 44 but I hit cap so I quit playing for tonight. I'll pick it up again tomorrow when I have a some free time.

FYI to everyone I go to school full time and work 30~ hours a week as well so don't insinuate I don't have a life. I just don't sleep much lol

And that's right, Coy, sleeping is for SISSIES last time I checked...
XBL GT: IIICE KOLD (Formerly known as IIICE COLD)

User Info: iamsuperdude29

5 years ago#53
Im SR32 with like 14 hours played.

Didn't use any double exp from anything.

Only playing War Games.

Looks like I'm almost at 15 hours and half way to 33. As of this writing.

Gamertag: FiLdo28
Twitch.tv channel: http://www.twitch.tv/fildo28

User Info: Koruwa

5 years ago#54
is it bad that i'm SR45 with no double xp codes used.... :|
live GT: Koruwa MkII

User Info: xninjagrrl

5 years ago#55
No double xp here. I assume anyone in mid 40s abused the double xp deal.
Pros: The pills were there.
Cons: So was the tank.

User Info: BansheeNTDmode

5 years ago#56
I know someone that boosted in flood mode. He got from 1-50 in about two hours. He was the only one left alive and his friends would let him kill them repeatedly.

There's also regicide boosting because each console can bring 4 online because of added guests. So get 2 parties together and win?

User Info: djwagon

5 years ago#57
lol i can see it now thanks to this deal with these codes .people getting mountain dew ulcers.I used to drink Pepsi like it was water 4 years ago .till I went to the doctor because I could not keep my breakfest down .that is when they found a ulcer .I did a complete cold turkey from any soft drink .so in closing enjoy those mountain dews now .because they will come back and haunt you later in life
when I was here before I went by the screen name IMPORTER1..
this is my set-up http://s164.photobucket.com/albums/u28/importer1/
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  3. Wth how is everyone already over SR-30 o_0

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