Banshee controls

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User Info: MengskX

5 years ago#1
Why are my banshee controls not inverted. Same with the ship you use in campaign.

User Info: BurningNovaFire

5 years ago#2
No clue. Mine are, but in my gamer profile I have all FPS set to inverted. You can change them in the options though.
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User Info: SnkSolid3

5 years ago#3
If memory serves, in the settings, there are separate settings for inversion while on foot and while piloting a vehicle.
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User Info: MengskX

5 years ago#4
You're right. If you scroll down there is flight inversion. Thx

User Info: LEGEND_725

5 years ago#5
wow holy crap this was helpful
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User Info: Aftermath91

5 years ago#6
How do you do flips with banshees?
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